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Doggie Support Network Set Up for Dog with PTSD

by Fred

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10.12.14 - HumansFEAT


On October the 11th, Humans of New York (HONY) shared a photo and small story about a dog suffering from PTSD.  Living in a high-kill shelter situation put a mental strain on the poor dog so badly, she’s ended up needing very special care.  But now she’s getting some much-needed support – from other dogs.



10.12.14 - Humans1.5


Her inspiring story has garnered her and her human quite a following.  In a massive outpouring of support, she’s received more than 400,000 likes on Facebook alone, not to mention the TONS of attention she’s received on other forms of social media.

10.12.14 - Humans1


“We’re on the slow plan to get over her terrible beginnings.  She has a lot of PTSD.  When I first brought her home, she wouldn’t even leave her carrier for the first three days,” said her human.


10.12.14 - Humans2


Through help and therapy, she is doing much better.  Having that many friends, even if only through social media websites, has got to be a massive boost to the ego as well.  She’s gone from a dog literally afraid of every single thing there is in the world, to actually being able to have a more normal life.


10.12.14 - Humans3


“She tends to change her mind once we get to the elevator, but I always give her time to regroup, and she’s happy when we finally get outside. It’s so great to see her enjoy the outdoors,” said her human.


10.12.14 - Humans4


There is still much ground to cover before she has seen things to completion therapy wise.  However, she’s living proof that with just a little bit of love, care and affection, anyone can get back to living life for the moment, and not be so overwhelmed by one’s past.


10.12.14 - Humans5