Dognapping Victims Take Matters Into Their Own Hands, Recover Dog

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Caught on a surveillance camera : A woman in a hooded jacket walking up to Tabitha Almeida’s porch, scooping up the 6-month-old pooch Amira, slipping her into the jacket and walking off.

Almeida’s family went on a mission posting fliers in their neighborhood,  giving a copy of the video to local media outlets. Eventually someone called in an anonymous tip about a teenager nearby with a new dog matching Amira’s description. Ms. Almeida’s sister, Blaise Guerin, and Guerin’s son staked out the suspect’s house, reasoning that the teen would likely have the dog with her if she went out.

Khadieja Jones, 18, exited the home that afternoon with two bags, so Guerin followed her to a bus stop and confronted her. Jones denied stealing the dog, opening one of her bags to show that it contained nothing. Guerin requested that Jones show her the contents of the second bag, but Jones declined and attempted to jump into a city bus.

Guerin grabbed Jones in an attempt to stop her from getting on the bus, and a local police officer noticed the scuffle. As he questioned the two women Amira heard the voice of her owner and started squirming in the bag Jones had refused to open.

Jones was arrested on the spot. Amira is home – and safe, with her very dedicated family.

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13 thoughts on “Dognapping Victims Take Matters Into Their Own Hands, Recover Dog”

  1. Just horrible. Between the dognappings and the animal abuse, what is the world coming to? At least we are too big to hide in a bag.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. I bet she doesn’t leave the dog on the porch alone anymore. Still, no excuse for that teenager taking something that didn’t belong to her.

  3. This is so pathetic and makes no sense a all! This thief not only breaks the heart of the little dog’s owner but if she wanted a little dog so bad why didn’t she adopt one that has no home? There are plenty of little dogs in shelters that are desperate to have a forever home and here she is stealing a dog that has a home. How crappy of a person do you have to be……grrrrrrr!

  4. Thank goodness they got their dog back. Hope they don’t leave her outside unattended again.
    I almost had a pet dognapped……a white van pulled up, two men in it, they slowed down beside me. I saw them out of the corner of my eye and stepped back onto the grass, staring at them with a nasty scowl. They drove on….but, i carry a knife with me at all times now when walking the dogs.

    Please be careful when walking your dogs, keep them in front of you and be careful of cars pulling up beside you. NEVER leave your dog outside, anywhere unattended.


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