Dogs – A Healthy Future

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This film, narrated by Clare Balding, looks at the issues affecting dog health and wellbeing, and what is being done in 2012 to help ensure that dog welfare stays at the top of the public agenda.

‘Dogs — A Healthy Future’, focuses on the main issues that affect dog health and welfare, including hereditary diseases, issues created by breeding dogs for the way that they look and the problem of cruel puppy farms that breed dogs for profit without regard for their health and welfare.

The film explores the steps that have already been taken to address these issues and the need for united action in order to ensure that the progress continues in 2012, and as such, comes highly recommended.

2 thoughts on “Dogs – A Healthy Future”

  1. This video is awful, awful..where is the talk of dog overpopulation, the huge need of rescue, and the volumes of dogs dying every single day???!!! these breeders sell their purebred puppies, while shelter dogs (purebred and mixes) languish and die in shelters all around the world…Breeders- if you really love dogs, you will open your eyes, recognize how you DIRECTLY CONTRIBUTE to this problem. Puppy mill or not, all breeders do the same thing, sell dogs to make $$$…they could care less of the scores of wonderful adoptable dogs being euthanized. Until there are no more shelter dogs, Breeding should END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Period. Horrible video.


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