Dogs Are Awesome (INFOGRAPHIC)

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Is there anything here you don’t already know? Perhaps, perhaps not – but this entertaining infographic is packed with fun facts about our best friends.

6 thoughts on “Dogs Are Awesome (INFOGRAPHIC)”

  1. Some great info, but needs editing. Two different breeds are referred to as “Shepard”s – this is a surname, not part of any breed’s name.

  2. They didn’t mention Hachiko, the Akita that waited at a train station in Japan every day for his master to get home from work. His master died while at work and everyday for the rest of his life he waited at that train station, even running away from people who adopted him and finding his way back. There is also a Statue of him there, it is said if you declare your love to someone in front of Hachiko the two of you will be as loyal to each other as Hachiko was to his master.


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