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Dog’s Bark Helps Reunite Her with Owner

by Melanie

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1.19.13 Bark
Shane Wilson’s happy reunion with Lucy, who ran out the door and jumped up to greet him.

If you’re a dog lover and a dog owner, you know everything about your dog.  You know what they smell like, what their body language and facial expressions mean.  You know what each dog sounds like trotting down the stairs.  You know their favorite foods, and you know the sound of their bark.  One dog’s bark helped bring her home to her owner, who had missed her dearly.

Georgia resident Shane Wilson thought he would never see his dog, Lucy, again when she jumped out of the back of his pickup truck.  Though Wilson’s home is 30 miles away from where she jumped, he drove around the area every day for six days.


Wilson lost his right leg in a motorcycle accident five years ago.  He walks with a prosthetic leg, but Lucy helps open doors for him.  The service dog also helps him when he falls down.  He couldn’t stand the thought of not having Lucy.

The Commerce, GA area was plastered with fliers. No sign of her.  Wilson was about ready to give up and begin grieving his loss, but then he received an important phone call.

Becky Davis and Tiffany Scoggins were having breakfast in a restaurant when they saw a forlorn dog wandering around.  They walked down a freeway exit ramp to catch her.  They hadn’t seen the fliers, and took her in to a veterinarian’s office.  The vet already knew who she was.

Wilson had gotten a lot of false positives, and thought when he received the call from the vet, that this was just another one.  But Wilson knew his dog inside and out.  He instructed the vet to have her bark.  He was certain it was Lucy when he heard her voice.

“God sent us two angels today,” Wilson said of Davis and Scroggins.

Though Wilson was grateful and offered a $500 reward, the women refused to take it.  They said just seeing the pair reunited was “worth a million dollars,” and “it made our day.”

Perhaps from now on, Lucy will ride shotgun.