Dogs Deserve Better Founder Speaks Out, Denies Allegations

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Last week’s report on allegations leveled by DDB’s former national rescue coordinator had supporters of the rescue group outraged, and started a comment flame war that has just died down.

Shortly after that interview aired, Tamira Thayne posted a response on her blog, but those following the recent developments were hoping to hear from Thayne herself, and last night WTKR followed up with her in an interview at the former Vick home now occupied by Dogs Deserve Better.

The organization moved into the former Bad Newz Kennels property a few short months ago after a lengthy and substantial fund raising campaign.

7 thoughts on “Dogs Deserve Better Founder Speaks Out, Denies Allegations”

  1. I absolutely believe her. I think the BJH supporters are a bunch of nut jobs, who should be spending they’re enegy helping animals (which they claim that is what they love to do) Instead they use the fb page as a witch hunt. Truly sad and disgusting. That they cannot move on.

  2. I think what she is saying is reasonable. Once the facilities are fully built and operational, they will start helping more dogs. I can see safety issues with it being in the house, right now. I believe Ms. Thayne. The whole issue was really confusing when I read the post thread last week. But it’s clearing up for me now. I’ve supported DDB for awhile, and wish them…and particularly the dogs they help…all good things.

    • I am not really on either side per se…but I do thnk of all the dogs that could have been helped with all the money they have spent on the old Vick (ick) place…


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