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Dog’s Frantic Barking Sets Off A Hillside Rescue Mission


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Georgie is a hero after his frantic barking alerted help for his injured owner.

A New Zealand woman will owe her pup a few extra belly rubs after he helped rescue her.

Jennie Warr was on a walking track when disaster struck. She had found an unused trail and was walking along when she accidentally stepped into a hole. This sent her twisting forward and landing on her leg, which ended in the bone breaking. As she laid in agony, her border terrier Georgie frantically barked to call for help.

“I fell over and heard a nasty crack, I couldn’t weight bear at all.” The pain, she says, was an intense 10 out of 10.

Warr states she was hundreds of metres off the main track and feared that nobody would hear her cry for help. Of course, Georgie had no intentions of letting his owner lay helpless as he barked and barked to draw attention to his injured owner.

“I was lying there accessing the options really. There didn’t seem to be many apart from dragging myself up the hill to get a bit of shelter.”

Since the hillside was so steep, Warr could not shuffle around anywhere.

Eventually she saw two flecks of lights from a pair of runners coming down the main trail in the distance. Although she called as loudly as she could,  the runners didn’t hear her. That’s when Georgie stepped in, and “started to go berserko.”

The first time she yelled for help, Georgie stayed relatively calm. He began to get worked up, however, as Warr started yelling for help a second time. It was as if he sensed her panic, explains Warr.

Luckily, a woman finally heard her cries and Georgie’s frantic barking. The woman alerted the two men who had run by earlier, letting them know that she though someone was in trouble.

“She was going to carry on thinking it was kids, but heard this frantic barking and stopped.”

Being so far off of the main trail, it took the trio 10 minutes just to find her.

“I was just so pleased when they found me.”

Jennie Warr is thankful to everyone involved in her rescue, especially Georgie.

“It’s a great example of people being willing to stop in their lives and actually check something out; that it’s not a goat or it’s not kids playing around. I’m really grateful to those people.”

As soon as the trio found Warr, they immediately set off for help and called emergency services from a nearby home.

Together, the three made a makeshift splint for Warr’s leg. They used a plastic doggie do bag, Warr’s belt and pieces of wood from a nearby hut.

“Loads of factors came into play. I feel really, really fortunate for all the help I’ve had. I would just like to thank everybody. I’m really lucky it’s all gone so smoothly.”

As she lay in her hospital bed, Warr sent out a thank you to everyone involved in her rescue, including emergency services as well as the Nelson Marlborough rescue helicopter.