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Dog’s Massive Facial Abscess Will Blow Your Mind

by Melanie

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WARNING:  This video contains a very graphic veterinary procedure.



Upon first glance, this dog has the appearance of a pig.  His face was so badly infected that it had swollen to mind-boggling proportions.  But because of the incredibly dedicated volunteers at Animal Aid Unlimited, he is now healthy and looking like a dog again.

When Animal Aid received the call about a dog with a badly inflated face, they were only too willing to help.


1.15.16 - Dog with Massive Facial Abscess Has His Life Saved2


He took food from the people, but had difficulty eating eat because of the infection.  He was friendly, but afraid their touch would cause excruciating pain.  The only way to quickly catch him without incident was to throw a net over him.

Once on site, the abscess was lanced and a drain tube inserted.  But that was not going to be sufficient.  The dog was sedated, and the vet opened the pus pocket with a scalpel.  A stomach-churning amount of bloody pus oozed out.  The wound was then flushed and stitched up with a drainage tube to allow additional pus to discharge.


1.15.16 - Dog with Massive Facial Abscess Has His Life Saved3


Two weeks later and he was a different dog, more than happy to let people touch and kiss his face.

Animal Aid Unlimited relies completely on donations to continue their tireless work.  If you would like to help save the lives of suffering animals in India, please CLICK HERE.