Dog’s Reaction to Being Told They’ve Been Adopted

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These dogs have all found out that they have been adopted, and will be going home with a new family or person.  Finally, they get the forever home and family that every dog deserves!



44 thoughts on “Dog’s Reaction to Being Told They’ve Been Adopted”

  1. You either meant, “Dogs’ Reactions to Being Told They’ve Been Adopted,” or, “Dog’s Reaction to Being Told It’s Been Adopted.” Usage: how many dogs does this involve? More than one, use the former, otherwise, use the latter.

  2. How is that possible? Dogs, any animal, can not possibly understand a concept like being adopted. This is on par with attributing higher-order emotions like guilt to animals where in fact that kind of thing only resides with humans. The anthropomorphism like this of animals is unfortunate especially for the animal, especially where serious behavior problems are concerned.


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