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Double Microchip Miracle: Two Lost Dogs Found After Fours Years


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Hobo and Tedo were playing in the back yard of Victor Garcia’s home in April 2007 when they suddenly disappeared.

The North Long Beach dog owner said it appeared that someone had set them loose. “I figured they were outside playing in the weeds, but I went looking for them and they weren’t there,” he said. “The gate was open and the chain was cut and they were gone.”

Garcia searched for the dogs for some time before losing hope. After more than a year had passed he resigned himself to the fact that he would never see them again. He adopted a female German Shepherd named Hazel. Then life took a funny turn.

Long Beach Animal Services called Garcia last year. Tedo had been turned into the shelter and a microchip scan revealed Garcia’s contact information. Garcia said he nearly dropped dead from shock when that call came.

“I barely recognized her when she came home because she had gained a little weight,” Garcia, 58, said. “She didn’t recognize me until she got home and saw her doggy door. That’s when she got excited.”

Last month the phone rang again. Garcia said he nearly fell out of his chair when he heard that Hobo had also been recovered. “It was a total shock both times,” the dog owner said. “My German shepherd took it all in stride, but when Hobo and Tedo met again they went berserk for about half an hour because they remembered each other.”

It should come as no surprise that Garcia is a big proponent of microchipping. The retiree said he never planned on having three dogs, but is loving life with his expanded family, noting that all three have become close friends. “If you plan on keeping your dog, it is worth it to microchip,” he said while scratching two of the pooches behind the ears. “I know a lot of people who love their dogs like I do, and it really is worth it.”