Driver Saves Dog Abandoned in Taped Box

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Al Gaeta thought the taped fan box he picked up on the side of the road on his way to work would contain a working fan he and his coworkers could use, but instead the box contained a live and scared female Chihuahua, cruelly abandoned to her own fate.

Photo credit: KXII News
Photo credit: KXII News

On October 23, 2015, Gaeta was driving to Anna, Texas, when he spotted the fan box on side of U.S. Highway 75. As he tossed the box on the back of his pickup truck, the man thought the fan could be in good working conditions, but when he opened it a few miles later he was shocked to see what it contained inside.

When Gaeta approached a gas station on Exit 47, he checked on the box and “lo and behold it wasn’t no fan it was a little chihuahua dog,” the manĀ told KXII News. “The prettiest little eyes looked at me. She was scared to death.”

Police were called immediately and they took possession of the dog, transporting it to the Collin County Animal Shelter. Sadly, authorities say they see this kind of abandonment often.

“We see it all the time. Usually the dog’s not alive [or] they dump a litter of puppies or a litter kittens. Leave them on the side of the road or put them in a dumpster,” said Anna Police Lt. Jeff Caponera.

However, in the case of this Chihuahua, justice is being served. The image of the scared pooch was posted on social media and thanks to that, the dog’s former owner was identified.

Jorge Camacho admitted he placed the dog inside the box and abandoned the pooch on the side of the road. He was charged with animal cruelty and will face a judge to receive punishment for what he has done.

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  1. Dear Katherine. Please go back to college and sue the college that gave you that B.A. Signed High School drop out that spells better than you. Thank you!

  2. While I do love the ending to this story, I have to ask was the box taped shut or were the holes tapped in to it?
    “Al Gaeta thought the tapped fan box”

  3. at first I thought it was a typpo…sorry “typo”, having noticed “Tapped Box” in big, bold print. but, no, it was repeated again in the body of the comment. doesn’t anyone use a proof reader anymore? correct spelling and grammar have become lost to history…sad

  4. It is sad that people do this. There are so many animal rescue groups out available that no one should have to abandon an animal on the side of the road.

    And a side note to the author and whoever was editiing this piece. The word is TAPED not TAPPED.

  5. God bless you for picking up that box. You were truly an angel that day for this little guy. Im sure most abandoned pets die out in the eliments when dumped. So sad !!! I am glad they found the evil owner and he will be charged!!!! Shame on him!


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