DUMPED! Crated Beagle Found In Virginia Beach Ditch

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Photo: Virginia Beach Animal Control -------------------------------
Photo: Virginia Beach Animal Control

A female tri-color beagle mix was discovered in a Virginia Beach ditch last weekend, locked in a crate and obscured by a bathrobe. Emergency dispatchers were contacted by the citizen who happened upon the dog; they’re now hoping the public will be able to assist in locating the pooch’s owner.

“It is very clear that the crate was dumped,” Animal Enforcement Unit Supervisor Meghan Conti told The Virginian-Pilot.

The dog later underwent surgery to remove a massive tumor on her left side.

“I think she has a good personality, a good demeanor,” Conti told reporters at Virginia NBC affiliate WAVY-10. “Part of her demeanor comes from the discomfort she is in from the tumor.”

Investigators are asking anyone with information on the dog or owner to call Crime Solvers at 1-888-LOCK-U-UP.

13 thoughts on “DUMPED! Crated Beagle Found In Virginia Beach Ditch”

  1. Look at that cute sweet face. I just can’t understand and never will how people can be so cruel to animals. I hope this little dog knows nothing but love, warmth and kindness for the rest of her life.

  2. Why look for the owner? Better not be to return the dog. If to penalize them, it better be significant enough to make an impact on animal abuse nationally. Otherwise, focus on finding the dog the best possible home to make up for the years of abuse and neglect he has most likely suffered.

  3. This is a sick bastard to be looking for, & if the punishment is another slap on the hand then why bother. I’m sick of all this animal abuse an nothing being done to stop it.. I understand Tammy’s anger. I’d love to kill the bastard myself that did this . I have no use for crap like this. Thank god the dog was found & there are people with hearts.

  4. I just don’t understand how people can abuse an animal. Especially their own dog! It is beyond my comprehension. The good thing is karma does exist and it will right the wrong.

  5. Very happy she was found alive in the “crate”. Perhaps the person who abandoned the animal couldn’t afford to have the dog treated. Perhaps it was an elderly person -someone who was ashamed that the beagle’s condition had reached this point. The positive point of this incident is that the animal was found alive and I commend the individual who noticed the animal and took the time to stop and investigate and report the situation. The person did not kill the animal-believe there is more to this story that we may never know. If a person comes forward, first we need to understand why the situation happened-remember the animal is still alive and better.


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