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Dutch Airline KLM Starts New Lost and Found Program

by Fred

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9.24.14 - Dutch Airline KLM Starts New Lost and Found Program

No one likes that feeling.  Getting off an airplane in a busy terminal, only to realize you left something onboard.  Dutch airline KLM has come up with a new, and much cuter way to return forgotten item to their rightful owners, and it may cause people to accidentally forget stuff, on purpose.

They have started using an adorable little Beagle, complete with identifying vest, to literally sniff out the owners of the forgotten items.  So, if you every find yourself in the terminal at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport and realize your iPhone is still on the plane, just wait, and you may see it whizzing by strapped to a dog.

A press release issued by the airline on Tuesday states that they have been successful about 80% of the time in returning items to forgetful travelers.  Everything from smartphones to stuffed animals has been given back to people all thanks to the tireless work of Sherlock.

“Our main goal is to return items to the owner as fast as possible,” said Sandra List.  She’s a member of KLM’s new “Team Lost and Found.”  Using a mix of social media, and this amazing little dog, they have found great success.