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Eight Severely Neglected Puppies Abandoned in a Box Have Been Saved!

by Melanie

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Rescue Dogs Rock NYC has saved dogs in some pretty dire circumstances, and this one ranks right up there:  eight puppies, only eight weeks old, were put in a cardboard box and dumped outside an auto garage.  They are uncomfortable and in very poor health, being eaten by fleas and mange.  Though they’ve known nothing but suffering so far, they will never have to experience it again.

“They have never had one day of peace, not one day of love, not one day of kindness, never to be touched gently, no food or water, abused and neglected for eight weeks since the day they were born,” RDR wrote on Facebook.


2.15.17 Neglected Puppies Abandoned in a Box Have Been Saved6


Their condition is extremely critical, and they were rushed into emergency veterinary care at RDR’s vet partner in Dallas.

“Every second of their lives suffering, every inch of their body in pain. Today was the last day they saw their owner, as he put them in a box and drove them to a busy car shop,” RDR said. “[He] slowly put all eight down and drove away.


2.15.17 Neglected Puppies Abandoned in a Box Have Been Saved4


“They are scared and crying. Their skin is raw and covered in fleas. Their eyes are half closed from infections. The only thing they do is hold each other for comfort, and huddle to not be parted. They are only eight weeks old. This is all they know.”

RDR is doing all they can to help these poor little guys pull through and survive.   If you are able to help with their medical care, please click here to do so.  They also desperately need fosters, so if you would like to open your home to any homeless dogs, click here to fill out an application.  We will keep you updated on the puppies’ progress.


2.15.17 Neglected Puppies Abandoned in a Box Have Been Saved2