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Elder German shepherd Falls 30 ft off Levee and Gets Rescued

by Katherine

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On October 7, 2013, Zeus, a 15-year-old arthritic German shepherd from Pike Creek, De., was exploring the surrounding areas behind his owners’ home when he fell off 30 ft. down an embankment hurting his legs. He was unable to walk and his owners couldn’t carry his 100-pound body back home. Firefighters were called to rescue Zeus and bring him to safety.

Firefighters rescue Zeus.
Firefighters rescue Zeus.

Around noon on that Monday, Zeus was let out to potty. His owner, Penny Taggart, spoke with Delaware Online and said Zeus must have chased an animal then accidentally fallen off the 30 ft. levee.

The Taggarts tried for over two hours to rescue Zeus but in the end they decided it was best to call Mill Creek Fire Company for help.

“He couldn’t stand up on his back legs,” Penny Taggart told Delaware Online. “He was just crying.”

Fire rescuers arrived at the home and used a rescue basket to lift and carry Zeus back home.

The pet was scared an in pain, but he was expected to fully recover.

The Taggarts say Zeus will no longer go potty unsupervised.