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Elderly man’s dying wish is to find a good home for his dog


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jakeJake, a 7-year-old chocolate lab and springer spaniel mix, is going to need a new home soon. Jake’s best friend and owner is terminally ill. The elderly man’s dying wish is to find the perfect new home for his beloved dog Jake. Dog walker Cindy Bright has been trying to help the man find the right home for Jake, but hasn’t found it yet.

The 77-year-old South Carolina man is suffering from Parkinson’s disease, lung cancer and throat cancer. He is desperate to find Jake the right home before he dies. “I’d take him, but I already have 5 dogs,” Cindy said. Cindy first posted about Jake’s need for a new home a few weeks ago on Facebook and is still trying to find the right fit for Jake.

Cindy and Jake’s owner want to make sure Jake is in a home that is right for his needs. “Jake needs to be the only pet. He does not get along with other dogs and cats. I would be wary of him around children because he is not used to them and they startle him,” Cindy said. Generally Jake does not like males, so a single female is preferable.

Jake’s owner and Cindy are hopeful that they can find the perfect home for Jake soon. They’d like to try to keep him in the Myrtle Beach, South Carolina area if possible. That’s the area he has lived all of his life and knows best.

Anyone who thinks they may have the right home for Jake please e-mail Cindy Bright at [email protected] or call her at 843-457-0893.