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Elderly Owner Had No Choice but to Give Up One of Her Dogs

by Katherine

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Daisy Mae, a Chihuahua from California, spent her life with her owner and pet sibling in a happy home, but on October 24, 2015, Daisy Mae became another homeless, owner surrendered dog.

You might be asking how could any pet owner, after so many years with a dog, simply give up his or her dog. Well, not all owner surrenders are the same. Not all pet owners give up their dogs because they no longer want them or don’t have the time for them. Some pet owners, like Daisy Mae’s, are not allowed to keep their dogs any longer.

Photo credit: K9 Spirit Organization/Facebook
Photo credit: K9 Spirit Organization/Facebook

According to the animal rescue organization K9 Spirit, Daisy’s owner applied for senior housing two years ago and it wasn’t until this past October that she got approved. However, moving into a more affordable housing meant the human could only keep one of her dogs.

The decision to give up Daisy Mae or her sibling must have been a terrible one, however, instead of surrendering the dog at a local pound or kill shelter, the pet owner reached out to K9 Spirit for help.

Photo credit: K9 Spirit Organization/Facebook
Photo credit: K9 Spirit Organization/Facebook

“This morning Daisy Mae was surrendered to K9 Spirit. Her owner was begging Daisy to forgive her and not be upset,” posted the organization on their Facebook page. “She kept saying ‘we both have to be strong.’ Tears filled the vet office at such a sight. She’s giving up her job, her home, her car and her dog [to] pick up and move out of the area just to afford this senior low income residence. They said she can take one dog. She had two.”

K9 Spirit welcomed Daisy into their program and hopes to find the scared Chihuahua a new loving home. For now, the tiny dog is in a foster home and wants to find a new forever human to love.

If you are interested in adopting Daisy Mae and live in the Southern California area, please contact K9 Spirit Organization.