Elderly Woman Living in Car with Pets

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In the middle of a country full of animal lovers, a 79-year old woman says she and her pets have been forced to take shelter in her car – not because she can’t afford housing, but because she can’t find a landlord who will rent to her. And until she does, the defiant pet owner says there is no way she’ll leave her four cats and crippled dog behind.

“You make a commitment when you take on animals,” says Doris Hallquift. “I’m not going to get rid of them and tell them I don’t want them anymore.”

For several days now, the Midwest City, Oklahoma resident and her pets have been camped out in the Moose Lodge parking lot. She says she has reached out to every shelter in the area, and has been turned away by all due to strict no-pet regulations.

“They won’t take the animals and I won’t go without them,” she said.

Hallquift and her pets were recently evicted from the mobile home park they lived in because her trailer was too old. She said she receives over $1,100 dollars a month in social security payments and can afford rent. She just can’t find an apartment that allows pets.

“What we’re needing is a place to stay,” she said. “It’s not money.” Discouraged and obviously exhausted from stress, her hope is fading. “I don’t want people to think I’m crazy, but I actually pray to die because it would be easier.”

She keeps a journal, and reads a recent entry that is difficult to hear. “In case of my death or injury, please take care of my animals,” she said.

Until that day comes, or until she can find shelter for herself and her pets, Doris Hallquift says she will do everything in her power to protect them.

If you wish to offer assistance, consider contacting KFOR at 405-424-4444.

42 thoughts on “Elderly Woman Living in Car with Pets”

  1. This is disgusting! This poor lady at 79 years young is out in the cold, literally! I’ve read every post, to the ones offering to ‘donate’ she doesn’t need money she can afford a place it’s a ROOF over their heads she needs and needs it now! Good grief it’s a day away from Christmas, and not one person in the State of Oklahoma can come forward and offer this sweet soul and her fur babies a home! Shame on you Oklahoma, shame on you! : (

    • She MIGHT need donations… the article says she gets $1,000 a month. Can YOU live on that? I’ll follow through on this one and see if people are making donations to pay her expenses. Obviously, she has no furniture… where are her pots and pans? Dishes? linens? Someone needs to find out what is wrong with her trailer, whether or not it is a rental… We can’t let this story just go away. There are huge issues here to be resolved. I hope everyone who is moved by this one writes down the information and follows through.

  2. Shame on our society. At this time of year? Not one room for this lovely woman and her ‘furkids’? I hope this news will bring someone out. I live in California but if she got here, Id put her and her critters up in my spare room! Surely there’s someone there who would do the same?

  3. What is wrong with our society today? Is there not one place in the whole state of Oklahoma willing to rent to this woman WITH her pets?????

  4. I’m brokenhearted for these ANIMALS. Relationships (people and animals) are about give and take. Many people keep animals to GET love and don’t remember it’s equally important to GIVE that love in return. They are being forced to live in a car. Four cats, a crippled dog, and a person?? Living in a car?? Just so this woman can keep them all to herself? I don’t understand. Why not find good homes for them? Why not put their SAFETY and well being ahead of one’s own desire to stay together?
    Why pray to die and in the same article swear you aren’t going to leave them behind?? Why leave a note that says: “please take care of my children” but not be willing to ask for that NOW?

    • @Anonymous- Have you ever tried rehoming animals? It’s not that easy. And if she’s 79 in living in her car, she doesn’t have the power of the internet to network them, and probably doesn’t have a lot of personal relationships to help her out either (otherwise she wouldn’t be living in her car). It’s just not that simple. I’m sure that thought (of rehoming them) has crossed her mind as well, as I am sure she worries about what will happen to them when she passes on. But it just isn’t as simple as knocking on doors or asking people who pass by if they’d like a cat or a crippled dog. I work in animal rescue and it often takes months to get perfectly healthy happy animals into a new home, and that’s with thousands of supporters networking online, and going to mobile adoptions etc.
      Hoping someone reads this article and either offers her a place to stay til she finds somewhere to rent, or offers her a rental.

      • @peg: I’m not claiming for it to be easy… but if there’s an ARTICLE written about her that is all over the internet and a news report… why not use THAT avenue to seek homes? Why not tell the reporter, “PLEASE help me. My babies need good homes. They need to be warm and cared for. I can no longer do it alone.”

        The thought of rehoming them has NOT crossed her mind. That’s what is killing me. She says she “refuses to” go anywhere without them….”she won’t budge” <- QUOTE from the video clip.

        She said she has only gone to HUMAN shelters and they wouldn't take pets. She hasn't tried to take the PETS anywhere safe…

        Does no one consider making FIVE animals live in a car abuse? Two cats in ONE small crate in the back of a car? She even said it was so cold the night before she thought she would freeze to death. I have NO PITY for the person who makes them go through that – as a choice.

        I've worked in animal hospitals and rescued animals my entire life – and MOST of these sad situations stem from the "OWNER" putting their needs and desires ahead of the defenseless animal…. regardless of what those desires are. The desire to be LOVED, the desire to be NEEDED…

        I'm sure she feels like she NEEDS to take care of those animals herself, and I'm sure her heart is in the right place. But, sadly, some pet parents get misguided in the care of their furry friends.

        • Anonymous,
          Did it ever occur to you that maybe these animals is all this poor old soul has? I commend her for sticking to her guns. This is why so many animals are passed on and neglected is because people are not determined to stick by them. they have feelings too!!! Doesn’t it occur to you that animals love their owners and especially with the elderly dog, might not survive. Or be put in a home where they will be passed on once again and again.

          I stand by this lady and would do EXACTLY the same thing!!!

          I’m so glad someone out there had a heart and gave this lady and her furry family a place to live. If I would have been in that area, I would have given her a place to live too, no questions asked, animals welcome too.

        • Anonymous,
          Please have a cup of compassion before you retire. The stress of this woman’s situation does not support your strict logic. You speak of needs. Check your need to be ‘right.’

      • Thank you Peg! You said it all.
        I hear she did find a place after all though. We had one here in Florida recently and the media attention got the woman a job and a place to live.

  5. Look at how empty that car park is. It’s not exactly crazy busy, so you’d think the owner’s of that lodge would at least offer her and her pets a warm room for a few nights. Season of giving and all that…. hmmmpphhh.
    If I lived anywhere near I’d take them all in.
    A 79 year old woman, a small dog with a disability and 4 cats, not exactly hell-raisers

  6. found on another facebook thread ; Amber Luttrell YES! This is my city, and after talking with a friend who runs the Pet Food Pantry (who was establishing contact to help her with dog food), I found out this lady has found a place to stay… a stranger opened her home and is allowing all the animals and this woman to reside there.


    • thank god!…the fact she even got to this point at her age breaks my heart…what has our society come too?…whoever allowed her and her babies to stay….is an angel and will be well rewarded for it…thank you so much for the update…god bless u…her and her babies…MERRY CHRISTMAS!…


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