Elderly Woman Living in Car with Pets

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In the middle of a country full of animal lovers, a 79-year old woman says she and her pets have been forced to take shelter in her car – not because she can’t afford housing, but because she can’t find a landlord who will rent to her. And until she does, the defiant pet owner says there is no way she’ll leave her four cats and crippled dog behind.

“You make a commitment when you take on animals,” says Doris Hallquift. “I’m not going to get rid of them and tell them I don’t want them anymore.”

For several days now, the Midwest City, Oklahoma resident and her pets have been camped out in the Moose Lodge parking lot. She says she has reached out to every shelter in the area, and has been turned away by all due to strict no-pet regulations.

“They won’t take the animals and I won’t go without them,” she said.

Hallquift and her pets were recently evicted from the mobile home park they lived in because her trailer was too old. She said she receives over $1,100 dollars a month in social security payments and can afford rent. She just can’t find an apartment that allows pets.

“What we’re needing is a place to stay,” she said. “It’s not money.” Discouraged and obviously exhausted from stress, her hope is fading. “I don’t want people to think I’m crazy, but I actually pray to die because it would be easier.”

She keeps a journal, and reads a recent entry that is difficult to hear. “In case of my death or injury, please take care of my animals,” she said.

Until that day comes, or until she can find shelter for herself and her pets, Doris Hallquift says she will do everything in her power to protect them.

If you wish to offer assistance, consider contacting KFOR at 405-424-4444.

42 thoughts on “Elderly Woman Living in Car with Pets”

  1. My landlord is very pet friendly. Its in Carrollton Texas though. Please contact me at [email protected] if you would like more information! I do not know if Dallas area is an option for her. I applaud her devotion to her animals, more people could learn a lot from her! <3 Merry Christmas to this beautiful soul and her beloved animals.

  2. What the woman really needs is a newer mobile home to replace her old one. Maybe, just maybe someone with the means could give her a home of her own back. I can’t imagine dealing with so much stress at her age isn’t taking a serious toll on her. And God Bless Her for keeping her family intact!

    • Thank you Monica and everyone else, I at least have a place I can stay for a while now, I probably will lose my car, there is no way I can make $400 car payments and there is too much owed to trade it for a less expensive one and I will have to give up 2 of my dogs, I so admire the lady that this story started with and so many others that are homeless with pets but that is not a feezable option for me, though I don’t think there is anything wrong with these people keeping their dogs even though they are homeless, I just can’t do that to them, they deserve a home and to know they are going to be warm and fed and taken to the vet and groomers, I can’t provide that for them, when I got them I intended it to be a lifelong commitment to them and had I not landed in this situation it would have been but I will make 1000% sure they go to the RIGHT person and I will be doing a home visit, checking vet references, personal references. I know they will miss me and I will never forget them or stop loving and worrying about them but I will be living in 1 room with another person and it will be temporary so I can’t take them with me. My mother hates dogs and has a house full of people so she won’t help me with them. It seems the only choice I have is to try to give them as good of a life with someone who has a home for them as I they had with me before this happened. I hope no one thinks bad of me or thinks I don’t love them enough to do whatever it takes to keep them, the fact is I love them enough to let them go so they will have a better life than I can give them. If anyone has any other suggestions I am open because I don’t want to give them up and it is going to kill me when I actually have to do it.
      God Bless you all and thank you for your support and advice!

  3. Hmm thankfulky someone opened the doors to this elderly woman and her babies, there is a very similar story which many preach about, yes christmas it wasnt an old lady with dog and cats but expecting Mary and Joseph and they ended up in a stable many catholics will preach the wrong doing of the inn keepers but if they unwillibg to do the exact same thing for an elderly woman and her pets to make matters worse, christamas eve then it shows they are either not true believers or never grasped the true meqning if the word goodwill


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