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Emaciated Dog Is So Happy to Be Rescued He Can’t Stop Wagging His Tail

by Fred

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10.21.15 - Emaciated Dog Won't Stop Wagging1


Brewster doesn’t have much of a tail – only a nub – but that hasn’t stopped him from furiously wiggling his heinie since the moment he was rescued!  Staff at Adopt a Boxer Rescue weren’t even sure the severely emaciated dog would survive another day, but the will to live is strong with this one, and he’s recovering like a champ.

A good Samaritan found the abandoned boxer curled up in a field in Ridgewood, Queens, and carried him to a shelter.  They knew the skeletal boy required more specialized care than they were equipped to provide, so they got him into the care of Adopt a Boxer Rescue.



AABR got a frantic call from the NYC shelter director tonight asking for our help for Brewster. He is 25.8 lbs and…

Posted by Adopt a Boxer Rescue on Tuesday, October 13, 2015



AABR has been giving daily updates on his progress:

“Brewster made it through the night!!! He is showing interest in food and has been starting on a slow refeeding schedule of every two hours. He is on fluids and also drinking on his own so he is peeing (a very good sign). He is on antibiotics for some possibly infected pressure sores but other bloodwork just showed anemia (not surprising). The staff there keep commenting on how sweet he is. All in all the positive vibes seem to be working – keep them coming!!”


Our volunteers were able to visit with Brewster today. Look at that little nub go! He is holding his own, but not out of…

Posted by Adopt a Boxer Rescue on Wednesday, October 14, 2015



10.21.15 - Emaciated Dog Won't Stop Wagging4



Update on Brewster – October 15Brewster update!!! He is still holding his own and is stronger today than he was…

Posted by Adopt a Boxer Rescue on Thursday, October 15, 2015



Then came the excellent news that Brewster’s abused had been identified and caught.  Twenty-five-year-old Anthony Esteves was arrested, confessed, and was charged with felony animal cruelty for allowing this poor dog to starve over a three-month period.

But now Brewster is recovering and loving life with his foster family.  He is happy to meet any person or dog he comes across.



A little clip of Brewster and Benjamin from last night. It has been one week and he has already gained 6 pounds!

Posted by Adopt a Boxer Rescue on Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Many already wish to adopt Brewster, but his recuperation period will be lengthy, and AABR has many other rescued boxers who also very badly need a home.  They operate out of an area between southern Connecticut and northern Virginia, so all applicants must live within those parameters.  For more information and updates, visit their website and Facebook page.


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