Even After His Rescue, Oscar Kept a Surprising Secret

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Oscar was rescued off the streets of a rural town in Greece, where he tried to survive among a pack of strays that attacked and bullied him when given the opportunity.  Even with all the horrors he went through, from the very start, Oscar was a very sweet boy.

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He came to Save a Greek Stray with all variety of diseases, mange, ehrichia, and leishmaniasis, but always handled his shots, medications, and treatments well, The Orphan Pet saying, “the patience and the kindness you rarely see.”

Still, there was something that seemed a bit “off” about Oscar, although by all accounts, as he recovered, he was happy, eager to play, equally loving time spent with humans or dogs.  Then the vet confirmed an amazing thing no one had considered.  Oscar was blind.

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It is believed he had lost his eyesight due to the ehrichia, which is caused by ticks, and, if not treated quickly enough, can result in blindness. The vet said that Oscar could see some shadows, but that was the extent of his vision.  To anyone looking on at the beautiful boy, it would be hard to discern he had anything wrong with him at all.

Oscar is now looking for his forever home, where he can run, play, and love.  Save a Greek Stray states, “He is an excellent boy – one of the best-behaved and friendly dogs we ever met. He is looking for a home, and he deserves the best!” We hope he finds one soon.

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For more information about Oscar and the learn more about Save a Greek Stray, please visit the following sites:

Oscar’s photo album: https://www.facebook.com/saveagreekst…
Save a Greek Stray website: http://www.saveagreekstray.com/
Save a Greek Stray: https://www.facebook.com/saveagreekst
Donations (paypal):[email protected] via Paypal (more than welcome): [email protected]

If you wish to adopt him, or another of the many dogs Save a Greek Stray is sheltering, please email [email protected] or message the Facebook page.

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