Faith for Wounded Troops

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Many of you are already familiar with remarkable little Faith. There were countless articles written about her, and some of her videos went viral last year. She’s headed to Afghanistan to offer moral support to wounded troops, and something tells me she is going to be quite popular.

Faith was made an honorary sergeant in the US army for helping disabled veterans battling to overcome their war zone injuries. The Labrador-chow cross marches on her hind legs wearing a military jacket when she visits bases and hospitals, where soldiers have taken her to their hearts. Now there are plans to fly her to the UK if quarantine rules can be met.

Owner Jude Stringfellow said from her home in Oklahoma City: “Faith seems to inspire these young men.  It’s very emotional watching them respond to her. She shows what can be achieved against great odds. I’d love her to bring a smile to the lips of British soldiers.”

Faith was born with one front leg missing and the other severely deformed. Vets wanted to put her down but Ms Stringfellow refused. The dog’s bad leg was amputated and she was taught to stand upright by being offered peanut butter on a spoon. Ms Stringfellow said, “She then learned to walk and a vet suggested she be an inspirational dog.”

This is an earlier video of Faith for those who have not yet heard her story. It bears repeating.

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25 thoughts on “Faith for Wounded Troops”

  1. This is so inspiring! What a beautiful girl. I am glad the Army understands the good she can do for the soldiers.

  2. wow! How amazing that she can touch so many life
    ‘s! I am worried about her spine and will keep her in my prayers.What a Blessing!Consider me a fan!

  3. you know…the video was awesome, and the extra care that faith’s owner gave her was truly incredible. the fact that this dog can foster resilience in others is even more amazing…when was the last time we affected so many people the way Faith does? Keep on, faith! I’m proud of what you do!

  4. We have read about Faith before, isn’t she marvellous.
    She will be an inspiration to the soldiers in Afghanistan, it is amazing the problems she has overcome.

  5. I love this dog. Ever since I saw her video quite a while ago, I was touched. Such an inspiration and hero in her own right. She is such a great example of the fact that all lives are important and deserve a chance. Look at how much she has done with her second chance at life!


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