Faithful Dog Saves Owner From Death in Blizzard

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The sound of a barking dog during a blizzard last week rang out through a South Milwaukee neighborhood. One man who thought he’d bring in the dog from the cold, instead found something he never expected. And with that another story emerges of loyalty, dedication and companionship.

The dog stood by Moss until paramedics came, a loyal companion supporting Moss’ will to live.

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27 thoughts on “Faithful Dog Saves Owner From Death in Blizzard”

  1. A real tear jerker for sure, but such a happy ending. The loyalty of a dog is unbelievable.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. Such an incredible story! … wondering if Taji would have waited with me or been to excited about playing in the snow!


  3. Beautiful baby … and thank God for people who care about dogs … because without this man’s concern for a pup, another man could/would be dead. <3

  4. Many years ago my husband was shot in a hunting accident while hunting pheasants. Our English Setter Charlie sat by his head and monitored everything that was done to him. Never interferred with the medics and police, just watched. The problem came when they went to load him in the ambulance and they wouldn’t let him go too. They did leash him with no problems and called me. That’s when I found out about the accident. PS my husband fully recovered and was out phesant hunting the nnext year with Charlie.


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