Family Demands Answers for Murder of Dog by Deputy

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9.5.13 - CO Deputy Shoots Dog

Just weeks after the enactment of Colorado’s new Dog Protection Act comes disturbing news: a Park County family’s 16-year-old dog was tragically shot and killed by an off-duty sheriff’s deputy who then hid the dog’s body.

The Brown family left their German shepherd, Shiva, at home on Saturday while they attended a wedding in Denver, and found that she was missing from the property when they returned.

They began scouring the neighborhood, calling her name. Matthew Jackman, the deputy in question, knocked on their door to give them a strange warning.

The neighbor had come over and told him if we’d seen blood in the driveway not to be alarmed because there was a coyote that he had shot,” said owner Laura Brown.

Dumbfounded, she shot back, “That’s not a coyote, that’s my dog!”

How could you mistake a full-blooded German Shepherd for a coyote?” she challenged.

Sunday morning, another neighbor visited the home to tell the family what he saw.

He said ‘well the guy right there shot your dog last night, and he took him over by the mailboxes and he just dumped him.’”

He explained that Jackman had been jabbing at Shiva with a stick before going inside his home and returning with a gun. He stood over Shiva and shot her point-blank in the head.

Later on Saturday a group of kids found her body callously dumped in a ditch with a bloody pair of gloves nearby.

Even trying to take an unbiased view, how could a deputy possibly mistake a German shepherd seen at close range with a coyote? The latter weighs about 60 pounds less, and it is likely that Jackman would have seen his neighbor’s dog at least once.

Park County Sheriff Fred Wagner says the deputy was off-duty at the time, and that the department is investigating the matter.

Brown says she doesn’t wish for Jackman to be fired, but wishes he had completed the training courses on understanding dog behavior that will now be mandated within most CO law enforcement departments. This way her dog would have died in one of her family member’s arms instead of at the hands of a killer.

She was in pain, I mean she’s old and we weren’t ready to put her down yet,” Laura said, and they certainly weren’t prepared to deal with her cold-hearted murder.

8 thoughts on “Family Demands Answers for Murder of Dog by Deputy”

  1. “Brown says she doesn’t wish for Jackman to be fired” Oh Come on!! Fire his stupid ass and never let him carry a weapon again before he kill another “Cayote” and break a family’s heart!

  2. Please don’t make excuses for the Officer, yes she was old and in pain, but it was not his place to just kill her, and the lie about it, he should be punished, so sorry Shiva, it was not his place to take you out, R.I.P. Old girl…..

  3. She doesn’t want the asshole to be fired?! Asinine – he has severe mental problems that he would murder an innocent animal this way and then try to cover it up. Not only that, he has got to be dumber than a post if he can’t tell the difference between a coyote and a dog; further, since when are coyotes fair game anyway? God, I cringe at the excuses these jackasses come up with for being sociopaths and idiots.

  4. That deputy needs to be fired! He proved that he’s not mentally stable to carry a gun. He sounds trigger happy to me.

  5. Doesnt want him FIRED???? Fire him, charge him with any kind of violation you can find, maximum penalty and then sue the SOB. Oh and no GUNS ever again.
    Where do they get these cretins and who in their right mind gives them a gun and a badge.

  6. This “man” does not have a mental problem and doesn’t need help. He’s a typical psychopathic cop. The police in this country are out of control and have FAR too much authority. They need to be severely reined in. In addition, we need laws establishing that other animals are equal to humans, so monsters like this can be charged with murder, not just animal cruelty. My heart goes out to this family, and I grieve for the dog. I have nothing but contempt for the police.

  7. Some people seem to think that because someone gets a job as a police officer they must be a good person. Not all cops are good, just like they’re not all bad. I’ve known some really nice cops and some that are a**holes. The problem is that a lot of times they are not held accountable for their actions. They abuse their power and get away with it. This officer should be fired for what he did, but I bet he won’t be. The police department always says it’s looking into it but nothing ever seems to get done about it. If that were a civilian that had done that they would have been arrested for it.


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