Family Devastated After Dog Mistakenly Euthanized

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A family in Chandler, Arizona is heartbroken after their dog, Boxy, was mistakingly euthanized.

Roberto and Tina Jaimes stated that their dog, Boxy, had pushed through an open gate and escaped from their yard.

The dogs freedom didn’t last long, when the 8-year old shephard mix was picked up by Maricopa County Animal Care and Control officers.

Distressed over losing the dog, the family was excited to find out their dog was, in what they thought, a safe place.

When Tina went to go and pick up the dog on Tuesday, she was informed by the shelter staff that she was not able to pay the $237 release fee by check, as her name was not on the check.

Roberto stated he told the workers at the shelter, “We don’t have the cash at the moment, so I said I am going to pay any expenses by Thursday or Friday, so we’ll come back for the dog.”

Roberto returned to the shelter on Wednesday, but the facility had already closed.

The family went again on Friday to pick Boxy up, but by then it was too late. The shelter had already euthanized the dog.

“We went there twice. We claimed him, and still they ignored us as if they didn’t care about the dogs,” Tina Jaimes said.

The Jaimes family is devastated at the loss of their dog, Boxy.

The family is devastated at the loss of their beloved Boxy.

“We can’t imagine life without our dog. We’ve had him ever since we were little, and then for us to have him taken away unfairly, that’s just something we don’t want,” she said.

The Animal Control center confirmed that Tina had been at the shelter on Tuesday, but states that no further contact with the family was made. They stated that it is their policy to only hold dogs for a maximum of three short days.

Roberto states that he had no idea they would put Boxy down, especially since the family had been in contact with the shelter.

Roberto’s advice for families who have lost their dog is to find them right away, especially if they end up being placed in a shelter.

15 thoughts on “Family Devastated After Dog Mistakenly Euthanized”

  1. They did not euthanize the dog, they murdered the dog. And there was no ‘mistake’, it was done deliberately.
    Very poor communication on both sides here. But I lay the blame on the folks at AC as they are the ones that set the rules and have the obligation to make those rules understood to the taxpayers that pay their salaries. Perhaps they forget they are public employees? Shame on them!

  2. Shelter reform is so badly needed. The priority of these pencil pushers should be to SAVE LIVES. If there is any chance a dog can be reclaimed, adopted, rehomed – shelter staff need to do everything possible to give the animal a chance. Change starts at the top – with humane, visionary leadership.

    You hear this story over and over again at basically every government office. It’s just that it in this case, lives hang in the balance. I’m sorry that this family lost their dog because of bureaucratic stupidity.

  3. I agree with other posts it was DELIBERATE MURDER. Laziness and stupidity and even probably racism on the part of the shelter – look at the owner’s name “Roberto” and remember this is not only Arizona it is Maricopa County for heaven’s sake where bigots abound.

  4. Didn’t this happen in AZ…when a dog from Iraq that was a hero was killed by mistake? What is going on in AZ? Wow they need reform in the worst way there!!! These high kill shelters are ridiculous!

  5. Oh yeah!!!…So that’s what Animal Control is all about?? Picking up animals off the street, taking them in and then just wait and have the balls big enough to euthanize an innocent animal?????? Shame on you Maricopa County!!!! I hope you rot and die in your own feces you pieces of shit!!!!!!!!

  6. I don’t know how people who euthanize animals as part of their jobs can live with themselves. I just know I could never like someone who does this


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