Family Dog Adopts Deer Fawn

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Harley would like you to meet his beautiful new best friend.

The friendly golden retriever has taken a liking to an orphaned fawn after it wandered into the back yard of his Georgia home, and as you will see, this unnatural pairing makes for some seriously adorable living arrangements.

24 thoughts on “Family Dog Adopts Deer Fawn”

  1. Amazing – these stories just keep happening. We hope that little fawn will be able to survive. Thanks for helping, Harley.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. While this is wonderful people need to realize that you are going to have almost immediately a very powerful enemy and that is the state in which you live — because Fish & Game is going to come calling – in most if not all states it is illegal to keep wild animals as pets and they include orphan deer in the “wild animal” category. Read the terrible heartbreak after the State of Oregon basically ruined a well-meaning family’s life after they adopted Snowball the deer. Very, very sad story and unfortunately not uncommon.

  3. I rehabed a fawn before… she actually should have left it in the yard for several hours…I know it is hard to do but it’s best. Atleast the little fawn has a shot at life! Very cute!

  4. mama deer sometimes leave their babies for hours at a time while they off grazing, they should have giving it more time.


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