Blind Girl’s Stolen Dog Returned

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A heartbroken 5-year-old girl devastated by the theft of her therapy dog received the best possible news today when her beloved companion was returned. In a mysterious development, “Millie” was found sitting on the family’s front porch by Andrea’s father at around 3:30 a.m. last evening.

While nobody knows exactly what transpired since Millie’s disappearance, Andrea’s mother believes that pressure from the media – and a subsequent social media public awareness campaign – prompted the dog’s abductors to return her before they could be identified.

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A Kansas woman says her daughter is distraught after witnessing the theft of her therapy dog. Stolen from her front yard in broad daylight by someone driving a white, four-door car, Millie is still missing, and her family says a reward is being offered for her safe return.

Andrea Taylor suffers from cerebral palsy, a nerve disorder, and is legally blind. Her parents say she is listless in Millie’s absence. The dog gave her confidence, and made hard days easier.

“She wasn’t ever going to be a normal child,” says Lana Taylor, Andrea’s mother. “When Millie came along she was able to have a little more independence. Outside, she was able to run with her siblings.”

Millie also alerted the family if Andrea needed help. “Sometimes with a house full of five kids we can’t hear her and Millie could alert us Andrea needed help she would either bark or go back and forth to get our attention,” said Lana.

The children were playing when they say someone in a white, four-door car stopped in front of their house, called the dog, and sped off after she jumped in the car.

“It just happened in an instant,” Lana said. “They were all in a panic. They know how important this was to Andrea.”

She says Andrea has been crying at night and rarely sleeps. “She absolutely loves Millie,” she said. “She has always been a good night’s sleeper. She’s not sleeping at night, she’s crying all night long.”

The family is pleading for Millie’s abductors to return her. They are offering a small cash reward. Anyone with information should contact the Hutchinson police department at 620-694-2834.

169 thoughts on “Blind Girl’s Stolen Dog Returned”

  1. That is messed up. They knew the name of the dog. It has to be someone close. I would be breaking down all my neighbors doors and searching their houses. People who steal pets, abuse pets, kill them etc need to punished as if they did the same to a human.

  2. This really shouldn’t be a rough case for the local police; the dog was known to whomever stole her and her markings are distinctive.and the dog must have recognized the people in the car to have gone to them so readily. A list of friends, neighbors and family would probably yield the thief, especially when matched with a DMV list of cars matching the description.How low can someone be to steal a pet from children, much less a service dog? Disgusting.

    • Wow be careful Suzanne. Geoffrey a.k.a LoCode will attack you if you say that the person knew the dog. It seems to really tick him off for some reason. He attacked Erika in the Facebooks comments when she mention that also. He has nothing better to do then to ruin a happy ending. Maybe he is jealous because he is a miserable human being that he never gets to have a happy ending.

      I agree with you that someone knew this dog and the dog knew them. Being a therapy dog they are trained not to get distracted by the normal everyday things that other dogs might get distracted by. It’s part of their therapy dog training and the test they need to pass. So unlike the oh so super sweet lovable guy Geoffrey I don’t think this dog was so easily bribed to jump into a strangers car. I think the dog knew this person.

      • Actually therapy dogs are NOT required to pass any tests if they are owner-trained. And it does say called but who knows if they knew her name or not. Or it could’ve been a friend of neighbor who found out the name. In any case, I’m glad the dog is back with her person and the scumbag should be punished.

  3. Publicity, publicity, publicity! If they keep this story in the news eventually everyone will know of this story and the bottom feeder that took this beloved family pet will not be able to escape everyone’s notice and hopefully that someone will contact authorities.

    I hope that some day the laws will be changed to severely punish perpetrators of canine theft!

    Poor little Andrea, my heart aches for her. “Return Millie to her little human you low life’s!”


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