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Family of Seven Street Dogs Needs Rescue

by Katherine

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On November 13, 2013, Duck Team 6 (DT6), put out an online plea asking the community to help them rescue a family of seven dogs get off the streets of Dallas.

The dogs which appeared to be Rottweiler, Labrador mix and possibly GSD mix are: Dad Bix, Momma Saddie and their five puppies, George, Jack, Penny, Chloe and Hopper.

The "Save Me 7" puppies.
The “Save Me 7” puppies.

The puppies were born in June and since then the family has been living on the streets. It is amazing the pets survived the summer heat but now DT6 is worried that they won’t survive the cold winter.

What is of greater concern is that if this family is not helped soon, they can all die from the diseases, the elements or accidents Also, the female dogs can soon get pregnant and more helpless dogs will be on the streets to fend for themselves.

DT6 is not a rescue organization. They are a group of friends with experience rescuing dogs from the streets. They have been working together rescuing animals in need and placing them in foster homes or with rescue organizations that have the means to cover medical costs. DT6 humanly captures street dogs, saving their lives. They work with registered rescues, so that through them, the strays can have a better chance at life.

“We do what we can, but please know we cannot take in dogs that we capture,” says DT6’s website. “DT6 is not a ‘rescue group’ that fosters, boards, or shelters dogs. However, we are a ‘capture team’ that helps with the capture of elusive dogs and then works with those rescue groups to place a captured dog in a foster home, forever home or no-kill organization.”

Waiting to be rescued.
Waiting to be rescued.

The family of seven is being called the “Save Me 7.” During their struggle to survive on the streets, a local resident has been feeding them, but there is still a lot more to do to save this beautiful family of dogs.

When DT6 met the pets, most of them were very scared of human interaction. Only Dad Bix, Penny, and George came close to the DT6 team to eat from their hands.

“We are anxious to rescue Momma Sadie, Dad Bix and their five puppies from the streets of Dallas, but first need to line up safe places for them to go once caught,” said DT6.

The organization has created a short video to spread awareness about this family in need. They hope that through the video people will become motivated to step up and rescue at least one dog. One less stray dog off the streets is a life saved.

DT6 has raised enough funds to send a $100 for vetting with any of the dogs that are pulled through a registered rescue group.

If you or any rescue organization you are involved with is interested in helping the “Save Me 7” please contact DT6 at [email protected].

Donations for this family can be made at and any donations collected for the pets will be transferred to the organization(s) that steps up to rescue one or all of the family members.

Please visit  to learn more.

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