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Family Searching for Dog Left Behind at Wal-Mart


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Marby Word took his nine month old miniature dachshund, Sissy, with him to the Wal-Mart in Bellevue, Nebraska. Unfortunately Word made a mistake when his medication wore off, which led to Sissy being left behind. Now Marby and his family are looking to get Sissy back, after another customer left the store with her.

Marby became disoriented when his medication wore off and he put Sissy down in a shopping cart. He then left the store with his sister. Marby says, “She didn’t have her collar on and I wasn’t acting right. I just need my little buddy back.” Marby’s niece, Jessica Rowe-Silva, returned to the store to look for Sissy only to be informed by the Wal-Mart that the person standing in line behind Marby said they’d take the dog home.

Marby Word hopes to have Sissy home soon.

Wal-Mart is working with police to identify the customer who took Sissy home. Their security camera shows a family leaving the store and a girl who appears to be a teenager holding what police believe is Sissy. Wal-Mart says the staff believed the customer who volunteered to take the dog had good intentions. Marby is also hopeful of this. Sissy was not wearing a collar at the time and did not have an identification chip. The family who took Sissy home would have a difficult time contacting him because of this.

Joan Rowe, Marby’s sister, is thankful that someone stepped up to take care of Sissy but also says, “I beg of you to please bring her back.” Marby had just moved to Bellevue from Utah so his family could help him deal with his mental lapses. His family believes Sissy helped keep him grounded and is needed for more than just companionship.