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Family Selling off Everything to Afford Dog’s Surgery

by Melanie

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4.25.14 - Fundraiser for Kane the GSD1

Angela Guffey and her family were crushed to learn that their three-year-old German shepherd, Kane, already had hip dysplasia.  The once active dog now has to stay in his crate most of the time so he doesn’t hurt himself just walking around.  The Guffeys are selling off anything they can and have created a fundraiser to help their sweet Kane get back to the life he deserves.

4.25.14 - Fundraiser for Kane the GSD2

From Angela Guffey:

This is Kane.  He was a birthday present for my 17-year-old son Zack after we had to put down his 12-year-old GSD due to degenerative myelopathy only four days before my son’s 17th birthday.

Kane is now three years old and is a joy and new light in our lives.  Painfully aware that you can never replace a loyal companion of 12 years, we know we made an excellent choice getting another GSD.  Kane is fearless, confident, playful, extremely smart, loving, beautiful and a barrel of fun and laughs.

4.25.14 - Fundraiser for Kane the GSD5

I never thought we would get this attached to another animal again, but Kane has filled our hearts and he is helping to mend a painful void from losing a 12-year member of our family.  I am constantly amazed by the German shepherd breed.  Just when you think you have seen it all, they will do something new that leaves you in awe of this exceptional breed.

We just found out that what we thought was just an injury to my sweet boy Kane’s leg is actually severe hip dysplasia – the worst the doc has seen for his age.  He is only three years old and he is my world.  The vet says he needs a complete hip replacement on both hips!  I don’t have that kind of money, and I cannot and will not allow him to suffer, so my time needs to be spent loving and spoiling my boy while trying to network to raise funds – auctions, yard sales, etc. – to get my baby taken care of.  Please share.  Thank you.

Angela Guffey & family

4.25.14 - Fundraiser for Kane the GSD3

Once very lively and active, Kane now spends much of his time confined to his crate, because just moving about can lead to severe injuries.  Walking causes his hips to give out frequently, causing him debilitating pain.

Angela has a Facebook page featuring a number of items, including jewelry and Thirty-One bags, are up for auction or sale in the photos section.  A gofundme page has also been started, but only a handful of donations have been made towards this very costly procedure.

4.25.14 - Fundraiser for Kane the GSD9

An update from the fundraiser page, posted by family friend Carrie Willnow for Angela:

The specialist says he can’t find any signs of neurological issues with Kane, and although he is slow to turn a knuckled paw upright he doesn’t believe he has any real signs of DM either (Thank God) – no dragging of his paws or worn down nails, so he feels that his hips are just giving him so much trouble that he just doesn’t feel that good and just isn’t trying to speedily move them from the position.  Knees are fine, calves are fine, hips are a mess and he could feel the grinding with movement of them.

4.25.14 - Fundraiser for Kane the GSD5

We were given three options, as well as an invitation to get a second evaluation elsewhere if we chose to do so. Number one – complete hip replacement.  Number two – femoral head & neck excision.  Number three – pain management with medications for life.
Each option was explained in full detail from the procedure – risks, recovery time, requirements, cost, and lifestyle changes/management, as well as what would be the best option for Kane at his age and activity level.

4.25.14 - Fundraiser for Kane the GSD7
Because Kane is strong, lean, healthy, and active, the specialist feels as do I, that the best option for Kane is option number two, FHNE.  Not only is it a much more affordable surgery at 2k per hip, it will allow him to continue being his active ball-chasing, Frisbee-catching, crazy, running and jumping self, with a much shorter recuperation time and a lot less risk. They feel with his strength, temperament, and activity level that he would “blow out” a hip replacement within just a few days of being 100% and pain-free.

4.25.14 - Fundraiser for Kane the GSD10
Pain management with medication is not a good choice because the one hip is so close to being completely out of the socket and both are just flailing around with Kane having very little control of what they are doing, which could lead to the slightest bump, fall, etc., knocking them completely out of joint. So the next step is to continue with the sale/auction/fundraiser to get the first 2k for the right hip and then 12 weeks later, provided he progresses well, another 2k for the left hip. Much better than the first diagnosis and goal amount….. Much Love ~Ang~ & ~Kane~

If you would like to donate towards Kane’s surgery, please click here.

4.25.14 - Fundraiser for Kane the GSD4