Family Demands Answers After Vet Loses Their Dog

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A Dunn, North Carolina woman is demanding answers after a veterinary clinic lost her 7-year-old Labrador-German shepherd mix while her family was traveling.

Kim Croonquist says she dropped off Ewok at Vets for Pets on June 4, and never saw him again.  “I don’t understand how this could happen,” she said Wednesday. “Our son cries himself to sleep every night.”

Croonquist says she checked in frequently during her trip and was told that Ewok was fine. She says Vets for Pets has offered no explanation whatsoever, and she feels it was negligence on the part of the business that led to Ewok’s escape.

“It’s one thing, if somebody took him out to walk him and he got loose, but we’re getting no answers, no closure, no cooperation from them on getting answers as to what happened to them,” she said.

“We’re very upset, also,” said Dr. Guy Beretich, who runs Vets for Pets. “Either he manipulated the door, or the door wasn’t shut correctly,” he said. “Every dog put in any boarding facility wants to get out, and he was more determined than most.”

He says it’s impossible to say what led to the escape.

“It happened on my watch, and it’s my responsibility, but I know of nothing that I or any of my collaborators did wrong or didn’t do right,” he said. “But obviously, something happened.”

Beretich was the subject of three registered complaints in 2009. According to WRAL:

In 2010, the North Carolina Veterinary Medical Board ordered Beretich to surrender his license after investigators found what they called “evidence of incompetence.” In one case, the board found he chose an inappropriate surgery on a dog’s eye and then did the procedure on the wrong eye. In another case, he was accused of failing to properly diagnose a dog and then inadequately care for it.


10 thoughts on “Family Demands Answers After Vet Loses Their Dog”

    • he is to old to continue practice,& he is dumb,since he hasn’t said what has happened to the families doggie,& he can’t even remember what eye needed the surgery,this doctor doesn’t think at all. he just does stuff.

  1. So the vet is saying the dog escaped? That is very fishy. Not only out of the kennel but out the door?
    Did these people tour the facility to see it? I can tell you from experience when I was looking for a place to board my dog that you need to check thoroughly. Ask for a tour and get references. I prefer not to board at a vet’s office because they often are set up for long term boarding.

  2. That happened to my family when i was just a child. We put our dog in for boarding for a few days, she was to be groomed as well. When we went to go pick her up, they said that she was gone. We had never had a phone call or anything! I was sitting in the car waiting for my Dad to bring her out, I was so excited to see Gigi! My Dad came out and was very distraught, we drove the neighborhood for weeks, put out lost signs, the Vet Clinic was useless. We went to the clinic down the street and asked if they found a dog, they didn’t but they said they called because there was a little black dog running up the street and they called the vets office to advise them. The office said they were not missing any dogs, so it wasn’t theirs. The doctors office actually sent us a bill if you can imagine for the care of Gigi, to which my dad took it back and told them where they could stick it. The Vet did offer my Dad 100.00 for the loss of our dog, can you imagine that? He told him that you could put a bag of money in one hand and a Gigi in the other and see which one I would choose. The Vet had his name out alright to the community and we spread the word all along. I also to this day am extremely careful where we put our girls if we have to board them for a few days. I also do not allow them to keep them overnight unless it is absolutely necessary. We feel we can give them better care at home, and my husband has worked in boarding facilities and Vets offices so he can watch them closer! ALWAYS go in the back, do not make an appointment to check out the facilities!

  3. Sounds lame to me. Perhaps they “accidentally” put him to sleep? I’m not litigious, but in this case, I’d sue to shut them down.

  4. I have a dog who can manipulate doors and gates and does it quite deftly and quickly. You have to be extra careful with those smarter ones.

  5. This is horrific. Why is this guy still in business! I would post his picture on every corner, in every store, on every website and not stop until he was out of business.

    I can’t believe also, that the ignorant people that work, there, that are suppose to be dog lovers are not coming forward for this woman or even speaking out asking this monster.

    I pray they find their dog. My heart aches for them.


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