FEELZ! Bay Area Soldier Reunites With Dog He Befriended in Iraq

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Photo: CBS SF --------------------------------
Photo: CBS SF

Ollie was there when the soldiers left on missions and he was there when the soldiers returned. The Iraqi dog had been raised as a pup by the Americans, who were in Iraq fighting alongside a Kurdish military outfit.

He gave the soldiers comfort and camaraderie, something extra to care about in a place where many spend their days pining for home and safety. And when former Army Specialist Ken Wyrsch found out their camp was to be closed, their unit disbanded, he knew he couldn’t leave his devoted friend, a dog he described to a San Francisco CBS affiliate as “a lover, not a fighter” behind. He feared for Ollie’s safety.

“I don’t know, some Iraqi would use him for target practice or something,” he said.

And so Wyrsch, with the help of SPCA International, was able to arrange for the Iraqi dog to become an American, like his adopted Army brothers, journeying west to the cargo depot at San Francisco International Airport, where Wyrsch was there to greet him.

“And this right here was thousands and thousands of dollars of donations that went into this dog, you know? He’s a good boy. He’s worth it,” Wyrsch said.

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  1. it’s a slang way of saying that he felt something.. FEELS kind of represents heart. “I got all caught up in my feels”

  2. So happy for them both that Ollie got to come home with him! Thanks Ken Wyrsch for doing what you had to to bring him home with you! You both deserve it!!


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