Fire and Abuse Survivor Gets Prosthetic Paws

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8.31.15 - fire paws1

Journey had been born in South Korea.  This is where someone decided to dispose of her and her siblings by setting them on fire.  Although none of her siblings survived the ordeal, Journey did, but not before having her paws damaged so badly, walking was almost impossible for her.

When Marilyn Hendrickson of Washington found out about Journey, she knew she had to do something.  She contacted the dogs division of MEOW Cat Rescue in Kirkland, Washington for help.  They sent her out to South Korea to rescue Journey, and bring her back to the US.

“I bent down to say hello and she looked at me, softly licked my face and began wagging her tail.  There was so much softness and trust in her eyes – despite the ordeal that she’s been through,” said Hendrickson.

Back home, Journey was using padded doggy boots to get around.  It helped a little bit, but to really make things right, she’d have to be outfitted for special socks and braces.  As badly as Hendrickson wanted to do this for her, the $2,000 starting point was not in her budget.

Journey’s plight did not go unanswered.  Within a two week span, more than enough money was raised.  Hendrickson was overwhelmed by the response.

“There really is no way to adequately express our thanks to the generous people who have helped turn Journey’s life around.  We are full of gratitude,” Hendrickson said.

Journey was fitted for her new paws by making plaster molds of her legs, and sending those off to OrthoPets.  Once there, her new braces and paws were made, and sent back to her.

Journey still experiences a fair bit of soreness when using her new paws, but her mobility has increased ten fold.  And although Hendrickson only intended to foster her, she ended up adopting Journey, and made her a full member of the family.

“We’re keeping her. I can’t imagine life without her at this point.”