Firefighter Revives Chihuahua After 30 Minutes of CPR

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Texas firefighter Captain Scott Ledet went above and beyond the call of duty when he responded to an RV fire and pulled an unresponsive Chihuahua from her crate and administered mouth-to-mouth and chest compressions for 30 minutes.  She finally responded, and within an hour was back on her feet.

Yvette Childers was on her way to work in her RV and had stepped out for a moment when the engine burst into flames, sending fire shooting through the cab.  Her one-year-old dog, My Little Pony, was blocked off by flames in the back.

“I’m standing there watching it burn and I’m thinking, ‘Oh my god, that dog,’” Childers recalled.

As just a wee puppy, Pony survived the fertilizer plant explosion that occurred last April – Childers couldn’t let her die now.  She frantically told firefighters arriving to the scene that her dog was trapped, and they used hatchets to get inside the camper.

7.13.14 - Firefighter Revives Chihuahua After 30 Minutes of CPR1

“She was in the very back of the crate, lying on her side. Her eyes were open and she was lifeless,” Capt. Scott Ledet said.  “I took off my helmet and mask off and removed her from her cage and just started doing CPR on her like I would a human.  I actually spread her mouth open and put my lips down to the bottom of her throat and was giving her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation that way.”

Chest compressions and oxygen were administered to the tiny dog, but as the minutes slowly ticked away, it seemed that Pony would never wake.  She had a seizure, but finally blinked and began gasping for air.  She was walking around within an hour.

“I’m so glad you were there because I couldn’t have taken it. You can lose everything, but not the little animal,” a tearful Childers said to her hero.

“I never thought twice about not performing CPR on the dog. It was never a question,” the dog lover confessed.

7.13.14 - Firefighter Revives Chihuahua After 30 Minutes of CPR2

Childers and Pony were living in the RV, and now their home and most of their belongings are gone.  The American Red Cross is helping her find a new home, but she’s just grateful that she still has her girl.

“I call her the luckiest little miracle dog,” Childers said.

Friends of the family have set up a fundraiser page to help them put the pieces of their life together again.  If you would like to donate, please CLICK HERE.

“I stopped by her motel where she is staying and is doing better, a bit tired and Pony has more energy than ever,” said her friend Teresa.  “She is thankful for those who have donated and honestly has no idea how much has been contributed this far – she will be shocked when I break the news to her! (Yvette has no access to any type of internet at the moment as her electronics were burned in the RV.)”



7 thoughts on “Firefighter Revives Chihuahua After 30 Minutes of CPR”

  1. Great human interest story. My little chihuahua’s are my children now that mine are grown and I lived in an RV at one time also. I totally relate to this woman and would be eternally grateful to that firefighter for saving my “babies”. And to all those people who think I’m crazy for calling my dogs “my children”, I know they are DOGS and not CHILDREN, however when a person is all alone, pets take on a much much larger part in a person’s life, especially when they are away from their human children and other family members for extended periods of time. Snow birds and truckers come to mind right off the top of my head.

  2. This firefighter is a great man. I have 2 dogs at home and have them on the ADT list to have firefighters notified immediately to get them out of our house in case of a fire or carbon monoxide emergency. I also have fire fighter stickers all over the front door and windows letting fire fighters know 2 dogs inside please save them. I am getting a coat rack to put the leashes at the door in case. My dogs are my babies (yes they are animals and they are living, breathing, loyal, dependent babies that need us).


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