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Firefighters Raise Funds to Get New Dog for Girl Who Lost Hers in Tragic Fire

by Melanie

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1.4.13 New DogEmmaus, Pennsylvania firefighters are going above and beyond their call of duty for two families who lost everything in the New Year’s Eve fire that destroyed their duplex house.  After raising funds to provide them with clothing, the crew is now planning to get an 11-year-old girl a new dog.

After they finished battling the blaze that ravaged the duplex house shared by Katherine and Gerald Maury and Jarred Goeppert and his young daughter, Jada, the Emmaus Fire Department wanted to do something more to help.

Capt. Matt Hahn and Lt. Bob Schwoyer headed up the campaign to get clothing donations.  The eastern PA community has been generous, and clothes have come flooding in.  The Red Cross will help ensure that excess donations will go to other families in need.  Small household items and toiletries were also collected, and toys donated to Jada.

“They lost everything,” Hahn said. “It was just Christmas and she lost all of her presents.”

The crew is even trying to find out what she received for Christmas, so they can replace the presents exactly.

The families are lucky to have escaped with their lives, and can do their best to replace material possessions.  But one thing can never be replaced – Jada’s Great Dane.  It died in the fire, and Jada injured herself trying to save it.  She was placed on a ventilator for two days to treat smoke inhalation.

When Jada is finished grieving and ready to love again, the Emmaus firefighters will have a collection all set up for her to get another dog.  There is no doubt a shelter dog out there who would love to have an 11-year-old girl become her new best friend.

The fire department will be accepting donations this Saturday, Jan. 5th from 9 am – 3 pm, of household items, money, and gift cards for grocery stores and restaurants for both families.  They will soon be working on collecting donations for larger appliances once the Maurys and Goepperts find more permanent lodgings.