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Firefighters Rescue Dog Trapped On Roof


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When Pat Baker looked across the skyline of her Bay Shore, NY neighborhood, she wasn’t quite prepared for what she saw: a small dog perched on the roof peak of a neighboring home.

“Never in my life, ever, did we see anything like this,” Baker said. “Who would expect that you would see a dog on a roof? At first, like I said, I thought it was an owl or something.”

What she was seeing was Rosie – a sitter was watching the small mixed breed dog when she found her way to a second story window and jumped onto the roof.

Fortunately, firefighters were prepared, and when the call came in, Bay Shore firefighters Michael Ippolito and Tom Komoroski came to the rescue.

“Saw the dog, seemed pretty terrified, shaking. I went up, calmed the dog down…I just kind of put my hand out and let the dog smell me, and with that I just grabbed the collar and pulled her in,” Ippolito said.

For Pat Baker, it was the perfect ending to a strange and stressful experience. “It was a little nerve-wracking,” Baker said. “The firemen, they handled it great.”