Firefighters Rescue Dogs from Frozen Marsh

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The multiple winter storms pounding down the United States East Coast has made it easier for some four-legged friends to get into trouble. Thunder and Lola, from Revere, Mass., used the snow drift accumulated alongside their home’s 5 foot fence to effortlessly hop over the fence and walk onto a frozen marsh. The dogs got stuck in the slushy mush and needed the help of firefighters to get back home.

Photo Credit: Mark Garfinkel/Boston Herald
Photo Credit: Mark Garfinkel/Boston Herald


The pets’ owners, the Sheridan family, realized their dogs had gone on and adventure when they followed the tracks on the snow.

Al Sheridan immediately tried entering the marsh to rescue his pets, but he soon got stuck and couldn’t get to the dogs or out of the frozen marsh. His step daughter, Jacqueline Dascoli, rushed back home and called authorities. Revere firefighters arrived and rescued both dogs and Sheridan.

Lola, the small dog was on top of a sheet of ice and she slowly floated away, while Thunder was standing with his hind legs trapped in the frozen marsh and his front legs out on top of a snowy bank, trying to climb out to safety.

Rescuers used a sled to maneuver through the slush and reach the pets. Both pets per placed on the sled and pulled back to land.

The Sheridans took their dogs to their veterinarian to ensure the pets did not suffer from hypothermia or got injured during their icy adventure. Both dogs returned home and are doing well.