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Firefighters Rescue Puppy from Sewage Drain

by Katherine

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On Monday, Dec. 9, 2013, firefighters spent 6 hours rescuing a 1.5-month-old puppy who fell into a sewage drain in Puerto Rico.

The dog’s owner and her neighbors tried rescuing the dog since early in the afternoon, but it wasn’t until 8:00 p.m. when authorities were called to assist in the rescue.

Firefighters pulled small dog from sewage drain.
Firefighters pulled small dog from sewage drain.

Magaly Rodriguez, owner of the young pup, and various neighbors tried to lure the young dog out of the pipes for hours, but all their attempts failed. Running out of options, once it got dark, the animal lovers called authorities for help in their rescue mission.

Local firefighters arrived and identified the area where the dog waited to be rescued. The heroes then called neighboring Ponce firefighters who have a specialized rescue team, and together, both units went to work to pull the puppy to safety.

“After evaluating where the dog had fallen and determining the pet was alive, we proceeded to lower an optic camera the rescue unit uses in rescues of collapsed buildings,” said Lieutenant Edwin SepĂșlveda. “We learned the dog was inside a 4 in. pipe, therefore we coordinated to use the tools available to free him. However, the noise from our machinery scared him and he moved deeper into the pipe.”

Because the scared pup moved further into the intricate piping system, a robot was needed to entice the puppy into moving to another area where the rescue would be possible. A firefighter was waiting for the young canine at the end of the pipe.

The rescue ended successfully at 2:00 a.m. the following morning and the puppy was safely returned to his anxious owner.

Thanks to firefighters, police officers, and concern neighbors who worked tirelessly to rescue the innocent pup, the 1.5 month-old dog was reunited with the owner.