Firefighters Rescue Shivering Dog Nearly Submerged in the Mud

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BOXBOROUGH, MA. — At press time, Boxborough firefighters were unsure if the dog — one guessed it was a Chow mix — had an owner who might be missing it, but either way, they were happy to free the poor pup from its muddy prison.

A call came in on Thursday morning, alerting rescuers of the mud-bound dog. Passersby heard it barking from the Boxborough woods where it was trapped, Boxborough Fire Chief Randolph White told Wicked Local Boxborough.

Firefighters answered the hapless hound’s call, using backboards to stabilize the soggy ground and enable the rescue efforts.

The dog was taken to a local vet for evaluation. At press time it was unknown whether someone might be looking for it.  (Photo courtesy Boxborough FD)
The dog was taken to a local vet for evaluation. At press time it was unknown whether someone might be looking for it. (Photo courtesy Boxborough FD)


​”The dog was stuck in pretty good. I would say three-quarters of the body. It was up to his high shoulders at least — basically the front paws was out of the mud,” said White.

He theorized the pup may have been chasing something when it became mired in the thick mud. “Even a person would [get stuck] if they tried to walk in there because it’s so soupy,” said White.

At press time the dog, which seemed shaken but healthy, had been transported to ​a local veterinarian for evaluation.

6 thoughts on “Firefighters Rescue Shivering Dog Nearly Submerged in the Mud”

  1. We just spent a night in Rapid City, SD, which was not on our agenda, bought a collar, leash, collapsible kennel, dog food, treats and cookies, for a stray and emaciated, puppy we found on tribal land. She was trying to hide in brush by a barbed wire fence, dirty, smelly, starving (she ate a bran muffin for Dog’s sake), scared witless, but gentle. We flagged down tribal police – no help – called vet’s in the area and in neighbouring states, called the Oglala Pet Project and more. We couldn’t find a damned soul to help this pup. So we drove to Rapid City, hecked into a Super 8 (they are pet-friendly), and amid floods of tears turned her into the humane society – which unless a dog is aggressive, is no-kill. I cried from Rapid City to Pierre and then some. My husband was struggling not to cry too. If we didn’t have three dogs (we’re only supposed to have two), and two cats, we would have brought her home. There is something wrong with ANYONE who just dumps an animal or can’t be bothered to go and look for their pet. People suck.

    • God (dog) bless you for rescuing that puppy; she didn’t have a prayer on her own. If the shelter that you took her to is anything like the one that I volunteer at (full of pet lovers), they will make sure her back story is out there for potential adopters to see/hear. People like to know the pet’s history and abandoned puppies get snapped up fast at our shelter. They sure are grateful when they are brought in…..I can imagine how sweet and giddy they are get to their forever homes!!! I adopt all seniors; I haven’t adopted a puppy in like 30 years….

      Many blessings to all who had a hand in rescuing this poor chow mix! What a cutie pie!

      • Good comments! I just adopted a dog estimated at three years old from my local shelter in Virginia. I agree that puppies, young dogs and small dogs get snapped up quickly–in fact there is a 3 application limit on these dogs. Sadly the large sweeties and the seniors often stay much longer. I am so blessed with the boy I got, who is so sweet and well behaved. I would URGE people to have their dogs microchipped! The sweet dog I adopted was treated well and loved by SOMEbody. Their loss was my gain. I hope more people will consider older dogs who are often more settled and their personalities more evident.. You know what you are getting if you talk to shelter personnel.

    • God love you for what you did. My heart goes out to you. Two years ago, I was travelling from Seattle Wash. through Billings MT and came upon an Indian reservation called Lame Deer MT. (Cheyenne Indian Reservation). As I was getting gas, 10 starving dogs came up to the gas station. Fortunately, I had a 40 lbs bag of dog food when I was travelling with my dog. The dog food was gone within minutes.. The abuse on the reservations is so horrible. I ended up rescuing a 2 month old puppy with severe sarcoptic mange and was just starving to death. I just celebrated my two year anniversary with Scooter. She is the love of my life. I stay in touch with the local Billings rescue organizations and most of the dogs don’t get out of there without parvo or distemper. . There are some amazing rescue stories with good homes as well. I will never forget your kind heart to help that poor dog out. Lame Deer MT will haunt me the rest of my life thinking about the unfortunate dogs that don’t make it. I have to think about the rescue dogs that come out of there with wonderful homes. Take care my friend.


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