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Firefighters Safely Extricate Puppy Stuck in Tire Rim

by Katherine

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On June 20, 2014, firefighters from Station 41 in East Bakersfield, Calif., got an unusual visitor at their fire house. The visitor was a four-legged Pit Bull puppy stuck in a jam. The curious pup got his head wedged in a tire rim, but lucky for him, the hero rescuers used oil and safely pull him off the rim.

Photo Credit: Kern County Fire Department
Photo Credit: Kern County Fire Department


The dog owner, Meagan Beeler, said her dog was out in the patio playing with his litter mates. Her husband had temporarily placed the rims on the patio and never thought they would be a threat to the young pups. However, he was proved wrong when the puppy, named Jr., got too curious and poked his head through the center hole. When the curious canine tried to retrieve his head, he learned that his tiny head was stuck in the rim for good.

The pet owners carefully carried the metal rim and the puppy to Station 41 and asked the firefighters for help.

According to a spokesman for the Kern County Fire Department, the rescue took about ten minutes. Rescuers used cooking oil to lather the puppy’s head and neck and carefully extricate him.

Brandon Hill, the department’s public information officer, told the Daily News Jr.’s loose puppy skin made the rescue a bit difficult, but with a little patience and perseverance, the dog’s head was carefully pulled out.

Beeler said after the ordeal she started calling Jr. “Rim Job.” Fortunately for the dog, he did not suffer any injuries and is doing well back at home.