Fisherman saves dog from drowning in a creek

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Alton Ledlow was going fishing Sunday morning when he spotted a dog on the bank. The dog caught his attention and Ledlow saw something in the water. Another dog was stuck in the creek and drowning. Ledlow jumped in and rescued the dog.

Ledlow arrived at Noisette Creek in North Charleston, South Carolina for a day of fishing. When  first saw the dog in the water he wasn’t sure what it was, he thought it might be an otter. When the dog raised his head he realized it was a dog in need of help. Ledlow jumped into the water and came to the dog’s aid. “I couldn’t see not doing it. He didn’t have any time, he only had a few seconds,” said Ludlow. “He was fighting like hell to stay alive.”

Ludlow found rocks in the dog’s harness that he quickly pulled out. He then brought the dog to shore with the other dog who laid down next to his rescued friend. Both dogs were very thin, the one rescued from the creek weighs only 20 pounds. Police brought them to the Charleston Animal Society where they are now being treated.

14 thoughts on “Fisherman saves dog from drowning in a creek”

  1. i am never amazed at the cruelty of some people and totally in awe of the kindness of others! Sir you deserve a medal!

  2. Hopefully they will find out who did this; perfect justice would be if they had rocks tied to them and they were thrown into the water. It never ceases to amaze me how stupid and cruel some people can be. The miracle is that some of these animals still trust humans after going through something like this. Somehow they realize that not all people are like this and that some actually love and respect animals.

  3. It’s probably a fighting dog. Since it’s a pit bull and it’s so thin and they PLACED ROCKS in his harness I’m guessing he was used into something bad. But there are always disgusting people walking around this planet. How can you even THINK of putting rocks in his harness. You really want the dog to drown. People like that needs to have their hands cuffed and their feet tied up to a 100 pound canonball and thrown into the ocean.

    God bless you mr. Ledlow.

    • Actually fighting pitbulls if bred right by actual dogmen aren’t underweight they are conditioned. It may appear as if they are starved but they actually have no fat on them it’s all turned into muscle, And not everyone with a conditioned pitbull or bully fights their dogs it’s like saying someone who’s really fit is a star athlete. So when you see a pitbull that looks skinny to you it’s actually “conditioned” or it could be skinny. American Pitbull Terriers don’t have big heads and they are not short and stocky with a lot of mass on them. They are Slender,Lean, and Athletic. Those big dogs you see aren’t pitbulls but American Bullys. AKA Blue Nose Pitbulls. But they aren’t pitbulls and never will be

      • You actually look at the dog and see a conditioned dog? A conditioned dog with no fat, only muscle doesn’t look skinny. It looks conditioned. Strong, bulging muscles and no visible ribs, and hips.


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