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Floof on the Roof: Huck Digs Heights

by Amy Drew

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If you happen to see Huck, don’t bother ringing the bell. The family knows he’s up there!


Huckleberry is a golden retriever with a fondness for heights. Well, to be specific, he just likes sitting up on his family’s roof. Understandably, passersby express concern for him. Like, all the time. And his family gets that, but they want you to know he’s okay. And to stop having to answer the doorbell when folks unfamiliar with his habits see him up there and worry.

So they put up a nice note to let everyone know the deal:

“Huckleberry is living up to his name and learned how to jump onto our roof from the backyard. We never leave him in the backyard without someone being at home. He will not jump off unless you entice him with food or a ball!

“We appreciate your concern but please do not knock on our door… we know he’s up there! But please feel free to take pictures of him and share with the world! #hucktheroofdog.”

So yeah, there’s a hashtag!

Yeah, we know there will still be good people out there concerned for Huck’s welfare, but it seems they’ve got it all under control (and we wouldn’t want Huck to be denied backyard time or tied up out there!)

And as folks at Good pointed out, Reddit has a WHOLE SECTION devoted to dogs on rooftops … so apparently, for some dogs, the roof is a thing!

Of course, they ended it with a hashtag for photos shared on social media. Also, it seems a little strange that the owners mention that Huck is willing to jump 10 feet