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Florida Charity Rescuing Abandoned Dogs in First Coast

by Fred

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An area known as the First Coast, near Jacksonville, Florida has seen a spike in abandoned dogs in recent times.  Most often, the dogs are older, and people abandon them for many reasons, including medical bills being too high to afford, or their apartment complex no longer allowing pets.  That’s why a local charity has started rescuing and aiding the abandoned dogs, trying to find them new homes.

Founder and president of The Old Dog House, Kim Stordahl, started the organization ten years ago.  They have rescued about 90 dogs so far, and currently have about 15 dogs in waiting at the moment.  Stordahl houses the dogs at her own home until they are adopted or fostered by someone.  Stordahl said that she started everything because she knew that these does still had a lot more to give.

About half of the dogs that they end up rescuing do not get adopted, so fostering is very important.  They are always looking for volunteers to take dogs in, and would really like to do even more.  However, taking care of the dogs they do try to help does cost a lot, so they need help getting the word out on what they are doing.

Recently, they have had some success with a dog called Princess Kira, who was taken in as a foster by Kim Maxwell.

“I don’t know what her circumstances were but she just wants some love,” said Maxwell.  “All I saw was a picture on Facebook. I think she wanted to be found.”

The Maxwell family unfortunately had to say good bye to their family dog about a year and a half ago.  They decided that fostering Princess Kira would be an excellent way to fill the void they were feeling left by their departed friend.  Taking her in off the streets seemed like a no-brainer for them.

“She had been wandering for a week. She would literally be walking with people who would be walking their dogs. It was like please take me home, I need some attention,” said Maxwell.  “You could see every bone in her body, her ribs, her vertebras.  No hair on the back of her body, it was red and raw, you couldn’t touch it.”

Princess Kira was in rough shape when rescued, but to look at her now, you’d almost think you were looking at an entirely different dog.  The Maxwell family is helping Kira heal, and they get the benefit of knowing that they are doing something really awesome for a very deserving little dog.  After being with her for just a short while, they decided to drop the “foster” part of things, and make her a full member of the family.

To get more information on The Old Dog House, or to find out how you can help, click here.  On the site, you can find information on available dogs, how to donate to the cause, or how to become a foster parent yourself.


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