Florida Shelter Dogs Won’t Leave Without Each Other

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2.11.15 - Bonded Florida Pair Needs a Home1


An unlikely yet adorable couple, these two refuse to be separated.  When someone tried to adopt Lil Man, the Chihuahua, he gator rolled and slipped his collar to get back to his girlfriend, Brandi!

Brandi and her boy toy Lil Man are currently residing at the Escambia County Animal Shelter in Pensacola, Florida.  Not much has been made known about these two online, other than their undying devotion to one another.

Here is their information:


2.11.15 - Bonded Florida Pair Needs a Home2


LIL MAN – ID# A262566

He is a black and tan, smooth-coated Chihuahua mix, about two years old.  He has been at the shelter since January 28, 2015.


2.11.15 - Bonded Florida Pair Needs a Home3


BRANDI – ID#A262565

Brandi is a brindle and white pit bull mix, about a year-and-a-half old.  She has also been at the shelter since January 28th.

For more information, please call Escambia County Animal Services at 850-595-3075.  Please be sure to include the dogs’ ID numbers.  Even if you cannot adopt this particular pair, please remember, there are plenty of other animals who desperately need homes.  See more Escambia pets HERE.

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  1. charities and the historical failure of animal research, what charities will never tell you, on my youtube.com/ms4mula1 (sorry about going off topic).

    • They have a cot, have actual towels or blankets and have more space than I’ve seen at many other shelters. I’d say they’re in a pretty decent place, as far as shelters go. Most don’t offer cots or towels whatsoever. I agree they are precious!

    • i agree! you think since they were taking pictures that were being posted, they could have had their kennel at least clean!!

  2. … Oh, these two should definitely NOT be separated — they are an unusual pair even at first look, if one could tell by that. Somebody wonderful has to step up and recognize a couple of special dog friends … the best of luck, little ones.

    • why don’t you take them and give them a good home , you seem like a kind and caring person, with love for the dogs

  3. Please, someone, adopt these two adorable, loving dogs. They love each other and have found comfort together. I live in Hawaii, otherwise I would be headed their way.


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