Flying Squirrels

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Two technicalities make it possible for me to share this horrifying carnage:

1. There is a dog in the video.

2. Squirrels are the sworn enemies of dogs, and this one is ready to rumble.

Dogs be on the lookout, this little snack bites back. Humans be warned: there is an f bomb at around 40 seconds or so. Careful with volume at work…

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0 thoughts on “Flying Squirrels”

  1. Wow, that’s the meanest squirrel I’ve ever seen! Obviously this one hasn’t gotten the memo that they are supposed to quake and run for their lives in the presence of a dog. It definitely needs re-training. Luckily for me, I’ve got all of my neighbors properly terrified of my growls and barks. Great video action…thanks for sharing it with us.
    Grr and Woof,

  2. I love squirrels! But this behavior is common among East Coast squirrels. If you look close, she flashes some gang signs before she goes in to beat down this intruder. Obviously, he brought this on himself, as his dog is dressed in the colors of a rival gang, and species nonetheless. When I was in Maryland, I got caught in a squirrel neighborhood, was surrounded, and had to lay down a spray of peanuts in order to escape. For the rest of the week, I was forced to pay protection peanuts in order for safe passage.

  3. I watched a squirrel like this one pop out of a snow tunnel and grab a bird and drag it into the tunnel never to be seen again.


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