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Food Trucks for Dogs Hitting Cities Across US

by Fred

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There are many options when it comes to dining for us humans, and food trucks are becoming a staple in many cities across the United States.  We see everything from your run of the mill taco trucks, to some seriously off the wall combinations, bringing everything from Korean Barbeque to curry on the go to the masses.

Well, it didn’t take too long for someone to think, “What about the dogs?”

As more and more food trucks show up in cities everywhere, more people make a social event of eating at one.  This often will find people bringing furry family members to these social eating events as well.  Human food is okay as a treat once in a while, but most dog foods are specially designed with the proper vitamins and minerals our dogs need to keep healthy.

In Chicago and San Diego, you may see a Fido’s truck driving around.  They offer gluten and allergen free canine cookies, doggy ice cream and frozen yogurts snacks, specially designed for your pooch’s needs.

9.9.14 - Food Trucks for Dogs Hitting Cities Across USFEAT

Austin, Texas has Bow-Wow Bones.  They are committed to providing healthy, preservative-free dog snacks and can be seen just about any time, all over the city.

Even the big companies have tossed their hats into the food truck ring.  Milo’s Kitchen Doggie Treat Truck can be seen in just about any state.  They don’t really have a specific route or territory, instead opting to travel state to state, providing humans and dogs a bit of outdoor socializing, and some great treats for our pets.

These trucks are popping up everywhere.  Ayana Todd from San Francisco was seen at a local doggy food truck spot with her dog Dolce.  She said, “It’s like a dog park, but a different way to socialize.”

Not all of the food trucks out there are looking to make money either.  Some just drive around, passing out all manner of treats and snacks for our dogs to enjoy.  Hopefully, this will continue to provide humans new places to meet and eat, along with a healthy outing for our dogs with that extra tasty bite to round out the whole experience for them too.

9.9.14 - Food Trucks for Dogs Hitting Cities Across US1