Former Marine May Be Forced to Euthanize His Therapy Dog

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A former Marine called Tyler Kelly diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) may find himself forced into putting down his therapy dog, Thor.  Thor is being accused of attacking and killing a few chickens on a neighboring farm, and also going after a cow on the property.  Now, King George County Animal Control is pushing to have the dog euthanized.

Kelly’s plan was to have Thor trained and certified to be a therapy dog.  Along with PTSD, Kelly also has bi polar disorder, and is suffering from kidney disease.  All of these were discovered while at boot camp back in 2013.  Ever since, Thor has filled a hole in his life that simply can’t be properly explained with words.

“He’s the only one that’s been there when nobody [else] was,” Kelly said.  “Every night that I have my hard nights, hard times, he’s right there, by my side.”

Thor, in his own way, has been acting as a therapy dog for Kelly for a while now.  He may not be fully trained and certified to wear the therapy dog vest, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t use some of his innate instincts that a great deal of dogs seem to have for detecting human emotions.  Thor comforts Kelly in times of extreme anxiety and stress, and even helps him get out of the house every once in a while and into public.  Something that without Thor, might not happen at all.

“If they do put him down, they’re going to be killing a part of me too,” Kelly said.

Thor is in the situation in which he finds himself, because he’s been accused of killing chickens that resided on a farm near his home.  He’s also accused of going after a cow.  The owner of the farm called King George County Animal Control to complain, and Thor was taken in by them.  Kelly doesn’t believe that Thor would kill anything, and was more than likely trying to get the cow to play, if he was over at the farm at all.

“I get a call the other day saying the only option I have is to put him down,” Kelly said.  “I don’t think that’s very fair.  That dog would never hurt a fly.  I’ve taken him all kinds of places.  He’s been around so many dogs, cats, people, kids.”

Kelly is now awaiting a final decision from animal control.  They refused to make any comment on the matter, saying they wouldn’t do so while the investigation was ongoing.

4.14.16 - Thor

221 thoughts on “Former Marine May Be Forced to Euthanize His Therapy Dog”

  1. Ridiculous! They are acting like the dog attacked a human. He certainly doesn’t deserve to be put down.
    I hope you get a lawyer, and if you can’t get the dog back, then plead to have the dog rescued from an out of state rescue so his life can be saved. Start by calling rescues in your area to help and guide you to finding one who is willing to go the extra mile. Another good place to start is with German Shepherd rescues in or out of state.

    It’s a shame that he got loose to begin with. If you get him back, you had better safeguard him so he doesn’t escape again. He is a stunning animal and deserves a second chance.

  2. Sorry didn’t hear the video when I first posted. He looked like a shepherd mix, so contact his type of breed rescues.

  3. No . Don’t let it happen start a petition
    Look for lawyer contact the VA.’s wrong he made a mistake obviously intelligent if he’s a therapy dog. He can learn what not to do!

  4. What? A dog did what a dog does & he’s to be killed for it? Who are the moronic dipshits running this area? He’s a Marine – that’s his dog. Enough already. I’ll sign any petition to help him!

  5. Chasing chickens.. is normal.. accosting a cow? still normal.. is the cow dead? No.. its a strange animal to the dog.. Sounds like the county is out to make an “example” of someone they think cant afford to fight it. I guess since this article is here.. they were a bit off on that.

  6. How stupid are these people? That’s their answer to everything, euthanize it. Maybe that’s what should be done to them when they kill a person who didn’t have a weapon on them, but they shoot anyway and ask questions later.

    There are other viable solutions to this situation. Have the dog trained properly to stay away from chickens, cows, etc., if that was even true. My guess is they just pulled that out of their asses, i.e., maybe a fox killed the neighbor’s chickens, and maybe the dog was just trying to play with the cow. I’ve seen that before, or maybe the dog was trying to herd the cow.

    He could just pay a fine for the lost chickens. This is extreme stupidity, and it’s enough to make a person feel like taking a baseball bat to these peoples’ ugly faces for being that stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Why was this guys precious service dog running around where it could get into trouble or hit by a car? I think if he wants to save his dog’s life, he needs to move. If he lets them put his dog down, it’s his fault. He will have killed his own dog by allowing it to get out.


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