Former Stray Refuses to Leave Owner, Accompanies Man to ER

by Katherine

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Bandido (Spanish for Bandit) is one loyal dog. Just four months ago he was an unwanted stray who fell in love with Raimundo Cirilo Sánchez Núñez’s female dog. It was love at first sniff. The stray followed the dog home and made himself at home with Sánchez Núñez even when he wasn’t welcomed, but now, after crying out and accompanying his owner to the ER, he has won a forever home.

According to Cronica, 50-year-old Sánchez Núñez was on his way back from work around midnight when he encountered one of his neighbors near his home in San Juan de San Lorenzo, Paraguay. Previously, the men had a heated discussion and the neighbor came looking for a fight.

Bandido with his owner. Photo credit: Cronica
Bandido with his owner. Photo credit: Cronica

A fight broke off in the middle of the street and Sánchez Núñez was shoved, punched, kicked and almost strangled. When Bandido realized his human was getting beaten he rushed to his side and started barking and crying out for the man.

The fight came to and end when police showed up, unfortunately, Sánchez Núñez required medical attention and officers placed him inside their patrol car to rush him to the nearest hospital. When Bandido saw the man was being taken away, he too jumped inside the patrol car and refused to leave. With no other option but to drive to the hospital with the dog in the car, the officers transported the injured man and his loyal dog.

Before this true testament of loyalty Bandido wasn’t officially Sánchez Núñez’s dog, but after that night Bandido not only made his way to his human’s heart but also to Sánchez Núñez’s home. Bandido is now officially Sánchez Núñez’s dog.