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Four-Legged Car Vandal Caught on Tape

by Katherine

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A community in the village of Brampton, Cumbria, England, had been looking for a delinquent who for six months slashed tires, but they never imagined the car vandal would be a four-legged community member with a deep hatred for automobiles.

Anne Taylor set up a security camera and caught Jess, a Border collie, biting tires of automobiles parked on the street. The video allowed Brampton citizens to close the case on the car thug.

It appears the dog had been run over by a car 18 months before and ever since the incident, the pet developed a deep hatred for cars.

Whenever Jess was out on its daily unleashed walks, the traumatized dog would run ahead of its owner and avenge the unsuspecting vehicles. To many it seemed Jess was just sniffing tires, but a closer look reveals the canine was sinking its teeth on the defenseless tires.

The dog owner did not know his dog was the vandal his community was looking for until the video surfaced, and since has promised to keep Jess on leash to avoid future vandalism.

According to police, now that “the culprit has been identified,” the canine delinquent will be stopped before inflicting future damages to private property.