Free Fire Safety Clings for Life With Dogs Readers

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We want to help you to keep your precious pets safe.

That’s why we hit our food sponsor up for a pile of fire safety clings, and they delivered. Thanks to Castor & Pollux we have hundreds of these for those of you who need them. This often overlooked, easy to place window cling is the last thing we hope you’ll ever need – but if you do, it could make all of the difference.

Need one? Send a self addressed envelope to:

Life With Dogs
PO Box 867
Richmond, VT 05477

Limit of 2 per household, please.

8 thoughts on “Free Fire Safety Clings for Life With Dogs Readers”

  1. I just sent for one! Great offer! I’ve lost two dogs in two different fires. Wish I’d had one of these.

  2. Thanks again for a great life-saving offer. I asked for two but understand if there is only enough for one.

    Miss Dottie and Mr. Piper thank you!

  3. These are wonderful!!! I work at a vet clinic and have been looking for these to hand out to my clients. Too bad there’s only a limit to 2. =(


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